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  • 24 Oct 2016

    Retail Jeweler vs. Online Store: Pros of Buying Jewelry In-Store

    Online shopping is quickly becoming one of the most common ways consumers buy products. It's convenient, it can be simple and sometimes it's cheaper. However, online shopping isn't always the way to go. You still feel the need to see a car in person before you buy, and the same should be true for jewelry. To put it simply, shoppers should always go to their retail jeweler when looking for the most out of their jewelry shopping experience. Let's look at why going to your retailer jeweler offers you a better experience, from searching to security, than buying online.

    Look and Feel

    When you buy from a retail jeweler, you have the advantage of examining the piece closely. This is especially important for engagement rings. A once in a lifetime piece should be catered absolutely perfect for its wearer. You can see, touch, fall in love with and even look under a microscope at the ring you'll wear forever, a ring that's meant to signify your everlasting love. This gives you much more information than the online stores can offer, even if they have 360 degree viewers embedded.


    4Cs for Retail Jeweler

    If you’re looking at a piece of jewelry online, it's hard to inspect the quality. You can't handle the jewelry or examine it closely to determine the sparkle of diamonds and gemstones. You can't admire the workmanship of each piece. Online stores can list specs on their website, but you’ll just see a sample of the piece you’ll actually receive. You won’t really see the color and cut of the exact gemstone you will be buying until it arrives. This leaves the possibility that what you see doesn't necessarily become what you get. When you buy from your independent, retail jeweler, you have the advantage of understanding the true quality of each piece of jewelry.

    In an earlier blog, we talked about the 4Cs of Diamonds. This included our ever important 5th C, "Certification". Many websites don't explicitly show their diamond certifications while you're shopping. When you go to your retail jeweler, like Gunderson's Jewelers, you always receive a written report with a diamond grading from a certified diamond grading lab.

    Customer-Jeweler Relations

    A benefit of shopping at your retail jeweler that often gets overlooked is the rapport you build with your independent store. Knowing who you're buying from instills trust in the product you're purchasing. Additionally, your retail jeweler knowing you allows them to better serve you as a customer. They've learned your style, your interests, your budget; and they can help you find the perfect piece of jewelry that you may never knew existed.

    The relationship you build with your retail jeweler doesn't just end at the point of sale. For example, Gunderson's retail jewelers continue to help you with appraisals, repairs, and even offering advice for years after. Many online stores will not be able to support you if something happened to your piece, i.e. a diamond falling out. If the online store does happen to have insurance, it will likely take a lot longer for them to rectify your problem.


    When buying jewelry online, you face the "How to tell a good vendor from a bad one?" dilemma. While there are legitimate vendors online, the internet is littered with examples of jewelry buying scams. For example, visit Diamond Helpers’s website to find countless stories about scams online jewelry outlets have used to mislead and overcharge customers. One popular scam featured on the website discusses how online jewelers offer one stone but delivers another. While the online seller shows pictures of an actual diamond engagement ring or jewelry with another stone, you receive something entirely different. This could be as drastic as trading out the diamond you thought you were going to receive for cubic zirconia. Some of the stores that fail the online test may surprise you.

    It is also not uncommon for consumers to take a piece of jewelry purchased online to an appraiser and discover that the jewelry is worth less than the amount paid. Do you want the headache of trying to recoup your loss from buying online? Probably not, which is why sticking to in-store, retail jewelers is your best bet.

    Custom Designs

    Retail Jeweler Custom PieceSuppose you want a custom-designed engagement ring. You have a fabulous idea for a one-of-a-kind piece of fashion jewelry to wear to a special event. How do you go about turning it into a reality?

    When you buy from an independent, retail jeweler such as Gunderson's Jewelers, your idea is limited only by your imagination. By visiting your retail jeweler, you can insure that you will get one on one help with trained sales associates to create a magnificent piece of custom designed jewelry. When you shop online, there is no way for you to consult with the jeweler in person and know whether the jeweler truly understands your custom design idea. This could result in you getting a piece that is perhaps close to what you imagined, but not the perfect piece that you expected.


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  • 07 Oct 2016

    Engagement Ring Settings Explained

    There's a lot of questions that need to be asked before you ask the BIG question. One of those questions may be; "Where do I learn about engagement rings?".

    Answer: here.

    For many, engagement ring settings are something you have no knowledge about. You hope to buy only one in a lifetime. Why waste your time learning about something you only think about once?

    Answer: IT IS IMPORTANT.

    An engagement ring is something that will be worn everyday for nearly 2/3 of your lifetime (assuming all things go well). It will be one of the longest lasting purchases a person ever makes.

    Okay. Now we have decided engagement rings are important and timeless. Next question: "How do I figure out which one is the right one?"

    Answer: By reading this article.

    We'll explain all the main engagement ring settings to help you find out which one would be the perfect fit for the love of your life.

    Solitaire Ring Settings

    The classic ring setting for engagement rings. The solitaire ring setting has maintained its popularity due to the fact that that it draws the viewer's eyes to the center stone. The center stone stands alone, free from any other designs distracting from its beauty. Its simplicity has proven to be timeless.

    Forevermark Solitaire Ring Settings

    (Find more Solitaire Ring Settings here)

    Solitaire ring settings belong to the "prong-settings" family. Prongs are little metal pieces that hold the diamond in place. You usually find them placed on the corners of the diamond, this way they hold the diamond at its strongest points. Prongs gained popularity because it allows maximum visibility of the diamond. It also allows the most light to pass through the diamond, which maximizes the natural shimmer of the center stone.

    You can buy solitaire ring settings in a variety of different prong counts. Four cornered prongs are the standard setting. However, you can also get four diagonally placed prongs, six prongs, eight prongs, two vertical prongs, and two horizontal prongs.

    Prong Sets

    While the four-prong ring settings allow for more light exposure, the six-prong ring settings hold the diamond more securely. However, it should be noted that losing a diamond is a very rare occurrence regardless.

    The final thing to keep in mind if you're looking at solitaire engagement ring settings is the size of the band. Again, it's all about the center stone. The slimmer the band, the more the center stone stands out. Conversely, the wider the band, the less the diamond will pop.

    The solitaire ring setting serves as a timeless piece perfect for anyone wanting to send a message of power and simplicity.

    Three-Stone Ring Settings

    From the focal point being one center stone, to an ensemble of precious stones. The three-stone ring setting is, as its name suggests, made up of three separate stones.

    A. Jaffe's Three Stone Engagement Ring SettingsThree Stone Engagement Ring Settings

    (Find more Three-stone Ring Settings here)

    While the focal point of engagement rings is always the center stone, in three-stone ring settings the sidestones can look blended together with the center diamond. This creates more of an overall look of brilliance, however, it can diminish the appeal of your center stone.

    Engagement Ring Settings Comparison

    The picture above compares the solitaire ring setting to the three-stone ring setting. Most people would claim that the diamond in the solitaire setting appears larger than the diamond in the three-stone setting. However, if you look closely you can see that they are very similar in size. If you're looking for a balance between the solitaire setting's focus on one gorgeous center stone and the three-stone setting's all encompassing brilliance, you could get a three-stone setting with two smaller sidestones.

    Halo Ring Settings

    One of the most popular engagement ring settings right now. The halo ring setting consists of a center stone that is completely surrounded by diamonds in a coordinated circle. The smaller diamonds help the center diamond appear much larger than it already is. They also add to the overall sparkle of the center diamond.

    Uneek Round Diamond Engagement Ring with Cushion-Shaped Halo in Rose Gold and Pave Double Shank in White Gold. Princess Cut Ring Settings

    (Find more Halo Ring settings here)

    Halo ring settings present both the positives of solitaire ring settings as well as three-stone ring settings. Halo settings allow the center stone to appear larger, while also giving the overall sparkle of the ring a boost. The center diamond will appear larger than they actually are which allows you to save money on carat weight.

    Recently, halo ring settings have began implementing a cushion halo. The benefit of cushion halos is that it allows round and cushion cut diamonds to fit with ease. Before the implementation of the cushion halo, people had to get a diamond that matched their halo, which was either square or round.

    Three-stone and halo ring settings

    Overall, halo ring settings are a great choice for anyone who wants to have the maximum amount of sparkle around a diamond ring and something really catchy.

    Diamond Accent Ring Settings

    Diamond accent settings consist of a few different styles, such as the channel setting and the pavé setting. They all have some small differences, but we're just going to focus on diamond accented as a whole for simplicity.

    Diamond accents are small but visible diamonds added to a rings in addition to the center stone. If you choose to use diamond accents for your engagement ring settings, you should attempt to buy diamonds that have similar cut, clarity, and color to your center stone.

    Diamond Accent Ring SettingsCross Shank Setting

    (Find more Diamond accented settings here)

    The benefit of diamond accent ring settings is that they help complement the brilliant center diamond. This is especially true when you accent your center ring with small diamonds along a thin band. The picture below is an example of how smaller diamonds with a thin band makes the center stone look much larger.

    Diamond Accented Setting


    Like many items in jewelry, what ring setting is best for you really comes down to personal style. No ring setting is superior to all the other ring settings. It is all a matter of taste!

    Final question: Where can I go to find the perfect ring setting? Answer: Right here. You're bound to get some more inspiration about which ring setting to choose.

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  • 30 Sep 2016

    Elegant Wedding Ideas and Destinations

    We've already covered some of our Unique Proposal Stories, but now it's time to discuss what comes after the proposal. That's right. The wedding.

    Some of the biggest milestones in an individuals life: graduations, childbirths, first careers, and weddings. We hope these days are as perfect and memorable as we expect them to be. We wait for these days, we dream of these days, we plan for these days. How do we make sure that all of our planning and dreaming doesn't go to waste? How do we make sure these days are perfect?

    Today, we won't be helping you prepare for graduations, childbirths, or starting your first career. However, we will help you make sure you're well prepared for all your wedding needs. Curated for you, a mix bag of some of the most memorable weddings we've ever seen. From hipster chic to nerdy geek, you're bound to take some ideas off of these notable weddings and use them yourself to make your special moment an unforgettable memory that lasts a lifetime.

    Milly and Hugo's Wedding Kiss Milly and Hugo's Car Outdoor Wedding Bar

    Countryside Wedding

    When two hospitable people from the countryside get married, they make sure everyone is well fed and well tended to. With the help of stylist Bek Burrows, Milly and Hugo created an epic affair in which no details were spared. The couple drove down a long, dirt driveway to their reception, passing huge steel letters spelling out their respective names. From there they joined their free-spirited friends for an organic dinner; all the ingredients where either from Hugo's mom's farm or other local produce shops. Finally, they joined their outdoor party at a specially converted vintage caravan turned into outdoor bar. Milly and Hugo perfected the chic, hip, countryside wedding. You can read more about their wedding here.

    David and Keara's Wedding Photo Wedding Ring Minister

    Lord of the Wedding Ring

    Embrace your inner nerd by being your true self on your wedding day. David and Keara decided to do exactly that when they planned their Lord of the Rings themed wedding. The idea came to their mind after a joke from the bride's mother. To her surprise, the engaged couple thought it would be perfect.

    This wedding is easy to mimic, as it was not the most expensive wedding on this list. Keara got her mother to make a cake in which only the middle layer was real; the other layers were all made from foam. The couple also saved money on the venue by using the Keara's parent's property. The truth is, for a Lord of the Rings Wedding, you just need to be outside. Of course, they had to splurge a little bit on each other's precious rings. However, if you aren't able to splurge as much, you should always check out for bridal deals. To read more about Keara and David's Middle-Earth Wedding, click here.

    screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-12-35-06-pm screen-shot-2016-09-29-at-12-35-44-pm

    Some Like it Cold

    If you feel you're a little...abnormal, then you might want to use Emmie and Jared's wedding as a template. They went from planning a wedding in Bora Bora or Hawaii, to getting hitched in Hotel de Glace, which is carved completely from ice. The hotels wedding coordinator handled everything; including a day of dog sledding and snowmobiling the morning of the wedding. An idea like this is perfect for snow bunnies; however, it's only achievable when the hotel is open from the first week of January to the last week of March. Don't worry, the honeymoon suites comes with a fireplace. A wedding like this reminds us of one of our unique proposal stories.

    Fritz and Wilma's Wedding Fritz and Wilma's Wedding Kiss

    A Wedding from Above

    We've already had a proposal in the sky, now we have an actual wedding in the sky. Frits and Wilma took "falling in love" to the next level when they decided to skydive together to consummate their marriage. How did they get up their you ask? By booking an event with Dinner in the Sky, a company that straps guests to fighter jet-like seats 15 stores in the air. As the company describes it, it's for couples "who want to bring their chapel a little closer to the angels." With their friends and family watching, Frits and Wilma bungee jumped off the platform. They were dangling from a bungee cord when he kissed the bride.

    Destination Wedding Shot Wedding Dress

    Destination Wedding

    Destination weddings aren't incredibly uncommon; even destination engagements happen frequently, as we've covered before. However, Mona and Steve decided their destination was going to be in the most isolated area they could find. Their goal was to find their "own church somewhere in the wilderness." They found what they were looking for atop a 6,500 ft. mountain Wanaka, New Zealand. For couples planning to get away for their wedding day, seek some solace in Mona's description of her decision. Mona claimed, “The scenery is so wild and undeveloped, and to see it from a helicopter is truly amazing.” However, she also said it was difficult to walk the rugged terrain in high heels. If you plan on looking for seclusive destination, then you better be tough. Her husband must have bought her one of these badass engagement rings.

    Husband and Wife City Wedding

    Wedding in the City

    We covered the countryside and we covered isolation weddings; but what if you and your fiancé are more urban? Don't worry, we have a story for you too. If you still haven't proposed, we have a great story on how to propose in the city, as well.

    Stephanie and Tim held their reception at the Down Town Club on Independence Park in Philadelphia, the town in which they're from. They stated that the benefit of hosting your wedding and reception downtown was the view from their venues. Since many of the guests traveled, the bride and groom wanted to make sure their wedding was a worth the flight. It proved to be worth it when the guests were treated to a view of Independence Park and the Ben Franklin Bridge. Another added benefit of having a wedding in the city was the couple's ability to have some downtime. Instead of having to rush from venue to venue, they were able to relax in between events since their venues were so close.

    Now let your imagination run wild with ideas. We've laid the ground work by covering all different types of weddings you could mimic. The last step is finding a place that you trust to help with your planning. We suggest you check out this bridal package for help. Good luck!

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