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  • 24 Feb 2017

    Engagement Ring Search Trends According to Google

    In the past, we've helped you stay on top of fall jewelry trends and trends for 2017. Now, we want to take it one step further by diving into some data to see what trends have been dominating engagement rings for the past five years.

    Using Google Trends, we reviewed the popularity of searches regarding engagement rings in the past five years. We looked at the popularity of engagement ring settings, metals, and diamond choices. It should be noted that this does not represent purchasing behavior, however, reviewing these should help ease your decision making process when finding that idyllic ring.

    Check out the graphs below to see how your favorite engagement ring trends have ranked over the past five years!

    Engagement Ring Metals Graph

    At Gunderson's, we have consistently told our customers and online community that rose gold is the most popular metal color and has been rising in popularity. The data agrees with us, showing that most consumers are interested in purchasing rose gold over the more traditional metal colors. In October of 2015, rose gold officially took over all other metal colors as the most popular and hasn't looked back since.

    Wondering how rose gold gained so much popularity? Look no further than the release date of the first rose gold iPhone. Apple is known for creating trends, and this one seems to be staying for the foreseeable future.

    It should also be noted that white gold has remained stable over the past five years. White gold engagement rings provide an elegant simplicity that serves as a balance between traditional and contemporary. It's should be no surprise that white gold has stayed near the most popular amongst couples.

    Ring Settings Graph

    As many newly engaged or newly married couples may have heard, halo settings are the it setting right now. They first took over the top spot early in the summer of 2015. This was most likely the case due to the high profile engagement of Kate Middleton and Prince William. She received a very notable engagement ring with a halo setting.

    Over the past five years, it's been a continuous popularity battle between halo settings and solitaire settings. While solitaire settings are currently in the backseat, we wouldn't be surprised to see them make a comeback. The minimalist, yet exquisite, design proves to be timeless and alluring. Keep an eye out for which setting wins this battle in the next five years.

    Diamond Shapes Graph

    The consistent popularity of the of the princess cut diamond might lead you to believe that it's been around for centuries, however, this diamond cut has only been on the market since the 1970s. Quickly, it rose to one of the most popular diamond cuts searched for in the engagement ring market.

    With all this said, we find that princess cut diamond tend to be the second most purchased shape for engagement rings.This is one of the few times that people's search interests do not align with their final decision, as round diamonds still rule the world of actual sales. What these Google trends show us is that there is an increased interest in princess cut diamonds, however, the trendsetters have yet to make them the it engagement diamond.

    Colored Diamonds Graph

    First we should say, if you don't know a lot about fancy colored diamonds then we have the reading for you.

    Now, Google trends show us that interest in colored diamonds is quite sporadic. Yellow diamonds tend to be the most commonly searched for, which we attribute to their affordability compared to the other colored stones. As expected, the most expensive colored diamonds, red diamonds, are the least searched for when people are looking for engagement rings. At the end of the day, we would assume a majority of these searches are solely for research purposes as many consumers do not purchase colored stones to place in their engagement ring.

    We crunched the data for you. Now go out and use our findings to help make an informed engagement ring purchasing decision.

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  • 21 Feb 2017

    How to Create Idyllic Custom Jewelry

    Creating an idyllic custom jewelry piece might be easier than you think. Our trained team of gemologists, designers, and expert jewelers will assist you in creating the one-of-a-kind piece of your dreams.

    Below is the four step process we use to help customers create a truly personal, sentimental custom jewelry piece.

    Let us help you create the perfect custom jewelry piece by scheduling an appointment.


    One-on-One ConsultationsCustom Jewelry Sketch


    The perfect custom jewelry piece begins with a hands on consultation with one of our trained staff members. Whether you know exactly what you want, or just have a rough idea of what you're looking for, our staff is prepared to design the exact piece you envisioned. Expect to review photos, sketches, and actual pieces until you find the look that you are aspiring for. Our designers can develop basic sketches, as well as advise you on precious metals, stone quality, comfort, and trends.

    Custom Jewelry Design ApprovalCAD of Custom Jewelry


    Once you approve the sketch drawn by our designer, we will create computer-aided design (CAD) drawings and render it as a photo-realistic image. We want your custom made jewelry to be perfect, so we will alter the rendering until it meets your expectations. If we are providing a center stone for you, we will also have you select your favorite from a few different options.

    Custom Jewelry 3D Wax Model

    Wax Rendering of Custom Jewlery

    Following your approval of the CAD representation, a three-dimensional wax model of your design will be made. This is an extremely accurate preview of the final product. At this stage of the custom jewelry design process we want to make sure the rendering is translating into the piece of jewelry of your dreams. This piece should mimic the precise vision that you had in mind at the beginning of the process.

    Casting and Finishing Your Custom Made JewelryCasted Custom Jewelry


    We carefully bring out the shine, texture and details in creating the metal version of the product. Our master gem setters artfully set each stone by hand, using extreme care to ensure quality. Before presenting you with the finished piece, we carefully carry out a detailed examination to ensure that every step of the process has yielded a design that will far exceed your expectations.

    The Finished ProductFinal Custom Jewelry Piece


    You receive a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of heirloom quality jewelry that will be enjoyed for generations to come. When you design your own jewelry with Nelson Coleman Jewelers, we keep you involved in the process. We want to make sure you are delighted with the final product, so we welcome your opinions and critiques throughout the custom jewelry design process.

    Create your own custom ring



    Pink Custom Example

    Custom Brooch

    Blue Custom Jewelry

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  • 15 Feb 2017

    Natural Diamonds vs. Lab Grown Diamonds

    Diamonds are cherished for two reasons, 1) their beauty, and 2) their rarity. Over thousands of year, other minerals have come along to battle the diamond in these two areas. However, none have come close to the value or jaw dropping beauty of natural diamonds.

    The newest, and closest, challenger to natural diamonds are synthetic, lab grown diamonds. While synthetic diamonds share the same physical compounds as natural diamonds, they lack the beauty of natural diamonds, and they obviously lack the rarity.

    Let's look at how natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds differ in their beauty and rarity.




    For starters, one of the things that gives diamonds their illustrious beauty is the way the reflect light. Their ability to reflect light comes from how the diamond is cut, as well as their surface fluorescence. The difference between natural and synthetic diamond's fluorescence is in the light that they fluoresce. A natural diamond will fluoresce the color blue. This is something a synthetic cannot mimic, as it fluoresces orange.

    Fluorescent Scale


    One thing that makes diamonds so beautiful is that no diamond is like another. Each one has it's own inclusions that make them unique and gorgeous. Any diamond fanatic knows that too many inclusions creates an ugly diamond. However, one or two inclusions gives the diamond a unique personality to match any potential suitor.

    True Brilliance

    Because scientists are still perfecting diamond making there are a few limits to what you can get.  For instance, the classic colorless and near-colorless synthetic are not available in anything over ½-carat.  Furthermore, some of these retailers do not sell loose diamonds, or have brick-and-mortars you can visit to inspect the diamonds in-person.

    There is also the issue of certification.  Though these labs offer their own certification reports, we have no idea how their standards measure up to the standards of GIA and other well-respected labs, so you might have to take an extra step and send your diamond in for a second analysis.  Last, you may be limited in the variety of shapes from which you can choose.




    Natural diamonds are slowly created over ~1 billion years at 140 km into the earth's mantle. Synthetic diamonds are created in controlled environments and can take as little as a week. Obviously, this makes synthetic diamonds considerably less rare when compared to their natural counterparts. One feels lucky when they find the perfect natural diamond, whereas there is no luck or whimsy in finding the right lab-made diamond.

    The conception that diamond mining is socially and environmentally unfriendly still exists due to the spreading of conflict diamonds in the early 1990s. However, not many people know that an initiative began in 2000 to put a stop to conflict diamond trading. Since the implementation of the Kimberly Process initiative, 99% off all diamonds are certified as conflict free.

    Find out more about conflict free diamonds

    Diamond Mine

    "Real is Rare"

    In the age of the artificial, authenticity is hard to find. That is why a new movement to attract millennial's has begun in the diamond industry, dubbed, "Real is Rare." There is a strong desire to go back to the days of natural good, which includes natural diamonds. That is why millennial's are buying diamonds at a higher rate than previous generations.

    "Real is Rare" is meant to signify the real relationship that should be built between two people. Authentic, precious, singular - just like a natural diamond.


    The last significant discovery of diamonds was almost 20 years ago and only 53 of the locations around the world found to contain diamonds are viable for commercial mining. All the gem-quality diamonds ever polished and used for jewelry would fit comfortably into one London double-decker bus. Despite the misconceived ideas spreading across the internet, natural diamonds are still incredibly rare and truly cherished.


    Diamonds beauty and rarity is still in a class of its own. Despite the invention of synthetic diamonds, they still can't compete with natural diamonds authentic beauty and unprecedented rarity. Learn more about natural diamonds or shop for natural diamonds.

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