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  • 19 Sep 2017

    The Base To Build Your Jewelry Foundation

    Everyone knows those must have staple pieces in your wardrobe.


    The little black dress.

    The stiletto heels.

    A fitted skinny jean.

    A white shirt.


    You get the point.

    Similar to fashion, jewelry works the same way. There are vital pieces of jewelry that create the base of your collection. You can wear them alone or build upon them with current trends or other accessories. The important part to remember is trends may come and go, but these will never go out of style.



    Now folks, one quick point I want to make, the key is to invest in quality jewelry. I am not talking about purchasing the two for $10 deal at Charlotte Russe. Trust me, your kids will much rather be willed a bracelet that does not leave their wrist green. This is where the quality silver and gold part comes in. Never fear, we will discuss what classifies as quality gold and silver in a future blog post, or for immediate response give us a call at (712) 255-7229.



    Now, grab a pen and paper or pull up the “Notes” on your iPhone because you will want to write these down.

    The classic diamond stud earrings. You can never go wrong. One way to change these up is go with a bigger or smaller carat size, depending on what fits and looks best on your ears.



    Instead of having just one tennis bracelet, you will want at least ten because you will be obsessed with them. They go with any color, look, or style. They are very diverse and are an important staple to have in your jewelry collection.



    I love the solitaire necklace because you can wear it alone or stack it with other pieces. The other necklaces could be classics or trendier pieces, depending on the look you are going for.




    Who said diamond rings are only for engagements? Solitaire diamond rings can be worn anyway and purchased for special occasions or moments in life.




    • Silver and Gold Stackable Bracelets

    Simple and elegant, what more can I say? These will complete any look.




    Other than the fact you can tell yourself you are a good person and ecologically sustainable for buying John Hardy because they were one of the first brands to go green. John Hardy bracelets are gorgeous. They easily can go with any other jewelry you own and can be worn as an everyday look.



    Even though you may not use it to tell time, a classic watch is imperative to your accessories collection. It is a simple statement piece that you can wear everyday. Personally, I think it adds a sophisticated and chic depth to a look.



    Building your jewelry base is important. Yes, it will take some time and a little investment, but it is worth it in the long run. We promise.

    What are some of your foundation pieces you have in your wardrobe? We would love to hear. Comment below!

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  • 12 Sep 2017

    Rose Gold: The Equivalent To The Perfect Makeup Highlight.

    Practically everyone has an obsession with rose gold. The biggest names in jewelry and fashion have designed and released rose gold in some form or another.


    To me, rose gold is equivalent to the perfect makeup highlight; it looks good on just about everyone. Rose gold has a delicate and playful tone that you can pair with so many different jewelry and clothes. The diversity of rose gold is why so many people and designers are obsessed with it. I mean, Diane Von Furstenberg offers a rose gold crocodile embossed clutch. How much more diverse can it get?



    To give you some rose gold inspiration, we have collected some of our favorite rose gold engagement rings. Feel free to share the blog post with your significant other to give them a subtle hint of what you want, they will appreciate it later, trust me.

    Ring 1

    The detail in this ring is insane, which is why we love it so much.

    Ring 2

    The classic halo with diamonds all around.

    Ring 3

    Not just one, not just two, but three diamonds create the centerpiece to this beauty.

    Ring 4

    A firm believer in the classics, you can never go wrong with this masterpiece. Also, that heart in the middle are the details we love.

    Ring 5

    This ring is for all those women who love to be "extra." The secret is you can never be too extra. Extra diamonds. Extra sparkle. Extra happiness.

    Which ring is your favorite? We love to know. Comment below!

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  • 05 Sep 2017

    Guys, This One Is For You- Five Men's Wedding Bands

    Alright, this blog post is dedicated to all the men out there. We know the women get all the attention when it comes to anything wedding related and most of the time the men just get stuck with the check. So, here is your time to shine!


    Let me tell you one thing guys, long gone are the days where you only have the options of a plain silver or gold wedding band. The days of customization are here.


    Want a gold band with diamonds all around it? Okay, we got you.


    Want an Irish endless knot on the front of your ring and your wedding date engraved on the inside? Easy, we have you covered.


    Guys, what I am trying to say are that your options for wedding bands are (almost) endless.


    Your wedding ring can reflect your own personal style as well symbolize your commitment to your significant other.


    To help give you some inspiration and ideas on what you can create in your own wedding band, we put together five looks that are twist on the classics. These five bands are redesigned to fit the modern man.


    Look 1

    Rose Gold and White Gold Band.

    Personally, I love when people mix metals because it makes a piece of jewelry that much more diverse and you can match the ring with any look.


    Look 2:

    White Gold Band with Diamonds.

    Who ever said diamonds were just for girls? Diamonds are for everyone. This ring is a winner in my book because it combines a classic men's wedding band and takes it up a notch with the diamonds in the middle.


    Look 3

    White Gold and Rose Gold Men's Band.

    The rose gold adds dimension to the ring, which makes the ring more unique. It is a more geometric look, which I think embodies a more masculine tone with the rose gold.


    Look 4 

    Rose Gold Men's Band

    The lines throughout this ring adds depth and texture. The lines create more "distressed" look, which has the potential to be huge.


    Look 5 

    White Gold Men's Band.

    A new spin on the classic  band. This is a very clean cut ring design.



    Which one is your favorite? Comment below!

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