kelsey & jerod
August 1, 2014
PROPOSAL Location:
Sioux City, IA

Our Engagement Story! Mid-July 2014 we discussed that we hadn't been out on a nice, dress-up, date night in a while. We decided that when I got back to the US after my trip to Peru the next week we would set aside an evening the following week for a much-needed date night.  Little did I know that Jerod had been working really hard to create the most beautiful ring for me and while I was in Peru he took a special trip to Kansas to ask my parents for their blessing to marry me!

The Friday night after I returned home from Peru we got dressed up a little bit and had a really delicious steak dinner downtown at 801 Chophouse.  After dinner Jerod suggested we go for a walk across the pedestrian bridge.  We had talked about checking out the bridge since we moved to Omaha so it seemed like the perfect fit for our date night.  We strolled from the Nebraska side, to Iowa, and back.  It was a beautiful night with perfect weather.  After walking the bridge Jerod said he wanted to go check out the park with the little splash pool and fountain area down by the river.

We walked down toward the park and there were families milling around and kids splashing in the fountains.  We made our way to a more well-lit area on the sidewalk and at this point Jerod stopped me so we were face-to-face and started telling me how much he loves me.  He told me that I'm his other half, and that he can't imagine life without me. 

Then came the words I will never forget!  He said, "Kelsey, I love you. Will you marry me?" as he got down on one knee and held up a ring.  I threw my hand over my mouth in shock and managed to nod and say "YES!" before giving him the biggest hug and bursting into happy tears.  At this point we were both standing there, hugging and crying. After a couple of minutes I was able to pull myself together enough to actually look at the ring and let him put it on my finger.


It was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen!  Thank you Gunderson's for helping him create the perfect ring for me.  We are so blessed and so excited to live happily ever after! Photos by Holly Marie Images

August 1st, 2015
Sioux City, IA