Elizabeth & Jordan
June 20, 2016
PROPOSAL Location:
Outdoor Campus Sioux Falls, SD

Jordan and I went ring shopping together about 2 months before his proposal. I had an idea in mind but was open to looking at different styles as well. The experience we had at Gundersons was by far the best in town. After we left we knew we wanted to purchase this very special item at Gundersons. The sales clerk was a pleasure to work with. He took his time to show us many different styles and even took down our names and emailed the styles to Jordan. So for 2 months I was waiting (maybe not so patiently) for Jordan to pop the question. On a random Monday afternoon he asked me if I was available to play at the park with his niece and nephew. With a long to do list at hand, I declined. But he was very persistent that I come. He bribed me, saying he would take me to dinner afterwards if I did. It worked. Later that evening, we arrive at the park and no kiddos are to be found. He says they are playing in the back by the fish pond. A little annoyed I follow him. As we approach the pond I can see pink balloons tied down the dock. I knew. Goosebumps creep up over my body as we walk down to the end of the dock. A heart of rose pedals and a bouquet of cupcakes greet us at the end. Jordan kneels down and declared his everlasting love. He asked if I would spend forever with him ton which I replied yes.

The ring:
14k rose gold with diamond band and 1 carat circle cut diamond with halo
July 29th, 2017
Brandon Lutheran Church and Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Sioux Falls, SD