Shelby & Jon
June 10, 2016
PROPOSAL Location:
Lake Mitchell, SD

Jon and I have been dating for five and a half years and have always wanted to spend our lives together but just wanted to wait until I was done with school. Well, with one year left it was the perfect time to ask me to be his wife! We go camping quite frequently so I didn't think anything when he said we were going to go the next weekend. My sister has been gone all summer so I asked if she wanted to come with Jon and I, and then our best friends Stef and Gavin. My sister actually said no at first until Jon texted her "your going to want to come with a wink face ;)" She knew what it was right away, and texted me a day later that she changed her mind. We started that Friday on the lake jet-skiing and tubing, and then went back to the campsite to grill out. Stef said she had camped here before and that there was a beautiful look out to watch the sunset. While the sun was setting I told the group that we should go to the look out to watch the sunset. Once we got there and had watched it for a little bit, Jon asked Stef to take a picture of us. The funny thing is that a golf cart with a family showed up next to us right when he was going to propose. Gavin was trying to block them while we had already taken a couple pictures. Finally, they pulled away right as we were going to take "one more" and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was crying the happiest tears and it was just the most PERFECT moment as I had no idea and everyone else knew (may I add it was 103 degrees so we were sweating so bad and I hadn't brushed my hair in two days- so clearly I had NO idea) . I couldn't imagine a better way! He teased me afterwards and said "If I would have taken you on a fancy date, you would have known." I can't wait to marry my best friend! :)

The ring:
Beautiful Ritani oval engagement ring with diamond halo and band
June 3rd, 2017
The Bride's Family Farm