Brianna & Jason
May 30, 2016
PROPOSAL Location:
Our Household

We had been talking about marriage for several years now. We originally found the ring a year and a half or so ago and have been waiting for it ever since. We are a couple that is fortunate enough to have two beautiful children. So having time to ourselves rarely happens. However, on a gorgeous Memorial Day, we were spending time playing in the pool in the backyard with the children when Jason got home after being away for a few hours. After conversing normally for a little while, Jason came to me and said there was something hidden somewhere in our 2400 sq ft home. For some reason I instantly knew it was the ring we had been waiting for for so long. I immediately began searching. First, I looked in the obvious place, the jewelry box. Nope, wasn't there. I turned around and headed straight towards my sock drawer. I have no idea what possessed me to search here. But there it was. What are the odds that out of the entire 2400 sq. ft home I found this tiny ring box in two tries. I couldn't believe it, I thought for sure I would have been searching for days. Apparently, Jason had thought the same thing, because when I found it he was in the backyard with the children. Without grabbing the ring I ran to him and said, "So, am I suppose to find it with you or without you?" He was shocked I had found it so quickly, he ran up the stairs went and grabbed the ring box. Then standing there, children yelling in the background, dog barking at the birds and the smell on charcoal on the grill he flipped open the box and asked, "Are you going to marry me?" My response, in a tearful, joyful voice "Yes" I cried instantly when the box opened, my hand covered my mouth as I was shocked with beauty. It was exactly the way I would have wanted to get engaged. We held each other for about 30 seconds before the kids ran to us. I loved that moment and will never forget it.

The ring:
A beautifully designed Micheal M setting, euro split shank with diamonds covering the channel set band. Diamond tip prongs truly give it the brilliant gorgeous look of a lifetime of love.
June 1st, 2016
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