Tips On How To Use Pinterest To Help Find The Perfect Ring For Her

Similar to its other 200 million users a month, Pinterest gives me life. I spend hours scrolling through Pinterest finding inspiration on outfits to wear and pinning recipes I will never actually cook.


Just like almost every girl out there, I have boards for “Wedding Inspiration,” and “Engagement Ring Inspiration.” These boards consist of hundreds of images of styles, designs, and cuts of what a girl loves in a ring. Which is why the boards are your best friend and secret tool in picking out the perfect engagement ring for your special someone.

Pinterest is great for inspiration, but it is important to be mindful of what your budget, time frame, and style you are looking for. What you see on Pinterest may not always be in your budget, which is why it important to work with a great jewelry company to find a similar style in your budget.






So, to help you out we put together five tips on how to utilize Pinterest to help you pick out the perfect ring for your other half.

Go to a respected and American Gem Society (AGS) Certified jewelry store. A jeweler is like a doctor, a good one will be life saving and can save you time and money. (Hint: Gunderson’s is AGS Certified with over 70 years of experience.) For more information on what it means to be AGS Certified, click here.





Scope their Pinterest page out before hand. This will help you get a better idea of what they want design, color, and style wise. Start searching through her Pinterest board at least a couple month in advance of when you plan to propose. Looking early gives you plenty of time to gage an idea of what she likes and time to order and even design the ring.


Choose 3-5 photos as inspiration from the Pinterest boards. Having a couple photos on hand will help give your sales professional a better idea of what you are looking for.



Talk to the important people in their life. Moms, sister, or best friends, anyone who knows her and her style best. They can help give you ideas and go through her Pinterest boards to show you which ones she would love the most. 





Finally, take a breath and enjoy the moment. As you prepare to ask her to spend a lifetime together, think back to all the memories you have made together and why she is “the one.”






A woman’s Pinterest page opens a door into what she wants in clothes, jewelry, and taste. Guys, utilize this to get a better understanding of what she wants. That way when she says “yes,” she will be thrilled with what you chose.

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