Be Smart Folks, Insure Your Jewelry Against the Unknowns of Life

Let’s say you wanted to surprise your husband or wife with that watch or ring they have been eyeing for months. Now, imagine awhile after purchasing this perfect watch or for your significant other, life happens and the ring was lost or the watch was stolen out of your hotel room.

Talk about an “uh oh” moment. Now you are out of your jewelry and the money you spent. How can you protect yourself and jewelry?




Two words my friends: jewelry insurance. To help protect yourself, we are going to talk the importance of insuring your jewelry.



You insure your house.

You insure you car.

You insure yourself.



Why not insure your jewelry?

Jewelry is an investment. We get that. Which is why you should protect your jewelry and know if it is lost or stolen, you are protected financially.So, now you are thinking, “Okay, I should maybe just look into this whole jewelry insurance thing.”Or even “Now what?” or “Where I go from here?”



The answer is Jewelers Mutual. An insurance company founded over a 100 years ago by jewelers for jewelry. Jewelers Mutual specializes in protecting jewelry and ONLY jewelry. So, you know they have to be good.


Best part is if your jewelry is lost or stolen they will work with YOUR jeweler to replace it with a piece exactly like it. They don’t just give you a check and say “Sorry Charlie.”

But wait, there is more. They extend jewelry coverage worldwide.

Lose your ring scuba diving in Cancun? You’re covered.

Hiking to Machu Pichu and lose your watch? No problem.Jewelers Mutual will be there to help you recover and replace your lost, stolen, or damaged jewelry.




Protect your jewelry against the unknowns of life. Check out Jewelers Mutual today at

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