Guys, This One Is For You- Five Men's Wedding Bands

Alright, this blog post is dedicated to all the men out there. We know the women get all the attention when it comes to anything wedding related and most of the time the men just get stuck with the check. So, here is your time to shine!


Let me tell you one thing guys, long gone are the days where you only have the options of a plain silver or gold wedding band. The days of customization are here.


Want a gold band with diamonds all around it? Okay, we got you.


Want an Irish endless knot on the front of your ring and your wedding date engraved on the inside? Easy, we have you covered.


Guys, what I am trying to say are that your options for wedding bands are (almost) endless.


Your wedding ring can reflect your own personal style as well symbolize your commitment to your significant other.


To help give you some inspiration and ideas on what you can create in your own wedding band, we put together five looks that are twist on the classics. These five bands are redesigned to fit the modern man.


Look 1

Rose Gold and White Gold Band.

Personally, I love when people mix metals because it makes a piece of jewelry that much more diverse and you can match the ring with any look.


Look 2:

White Gold Band with Diamonds.

Who ever said diamonds were just for girls? Diamonds are for everyone. This ring is a winner in my book because it combines a classic men's wedding band and takes it up a notch with the diamonds in the middle.


Look 3

White Gold and Rose Gold Men's Band.

The rose gold adds dimension to the ring, which makes the ring more unique. It is a more geometric look, which I think embodies a more masculine tone with the rose gold.


Look 4 

Rose Gold Men's Band

The lines throughout this ring adds depth and texture. The lines create more "distressed" look, which has the potential to be huge.


Look 5 

White Gold Men's Band.

A new spin on the classic  band. This is a very clean cut ring design.



Which one is your favorite? Comment below!

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