The 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

Celebrities are the connoisseurs of class, the experts of extravagance, the authorities on luxury. A ring that costs over $150,000 isn't even worth a second glance compared to the rings the celebrities on our list are donning. Not when you consider every celebrity engagement ring is sure to drop jaws.

There are plenty of beautiful engagement rings that don't cost as much as a new mortgage, but these rings are undeniably stunning. Keep scrolling to see which celebrity engagement ring is the most over-the-top, awe-inducing of the bunch.


10. Mariah Carey's Engagement Ring

Fiance: Nick Cannon
Carat: 10
Estimated Value: 2.5 million (USD)


9. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis' Engagement Ring

Fiance: Aristotle Onassis
Carat: 40
Estimated Value: 2.6 million (USD)


8. Vanessa Bryant's Engagement Ring

Fiance: Kobe Bryant
Carat: 8
Estimated Value: 4 million (USD)


7. Grace Kelly's Engagement Ring

Fiance: Prince Rainier III of Monaco
Carat: 10.47
Estimated Value: 4.06 million (USD)


6. Jennifer Lopez's Engagement Ring

Fiance: Marc Anthony
Carat: 8.5
Estimated Value: 4.1 million (USD)


5. Paris Hilton's Engagement Ring

Fiance: Paris Latsis
Carat: 25
Estimated Value: 4.7 million (USD)


4. Beyoncé's Engagement Ring

Fiance: Jay Z
Carat: 18
Estimated Value: 5 million (USD)


3. Kim Kardashian West's Engagement Ring

Fiance: Kanye West
Carat: 15
Estimated Value: 8 million (USD)


2. Elizabeth Taylor's Engagement Ring

Fiance: Richard Burton
Carat: 33.19
Estimated Value: 8.8 million (USD)


1. Mariah Carey's 2nd Engagement Ring

Fiance: James Packer
Carat: 35
Estimated Value: 10 million (USD)
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