Engagement Ring Shopping Myths Debunked

When you start to shop for the idyllic engagement ring you've always dreamt of, you might also realize that the task is more daunting than you dreamt of. Plenty of your peers will tell you their "tips" and "secrets" to make your shopping experience more seamless. However, they would also openly admit that they do not fully understand the world of engagement ring shopping. That's where your local experts, Gunderson's Jewelers, comes in handy.

With over 70 years of experience selling engagement rings to our loyal customers to ensure that we help them create unforgettable moments, we have heard all the myths that get passed around. Now, we're here to debunk them to make sure you are not led down the wrong path when you start looking for your engagement ring.


One of the longest lasting myths in the engagement ring world is that you need to sport a HUGE diamond on your wedding ring finger. Why is this myth untrue? Because it is important to focus on the other 3 components of the 4 C's in diamond shopping. Think of the 4 C's as a balancing scale, each of the components should be equally weighted when considering which diamond is right for your forever ring. When customers focus on size only, they put most of their investment into the carat weight of their engagement ring, forgetting that clarity, color, and cut are equally important to creating a beautiful diamond.

If you are a shopper that is adamant about the size of your diamond, then have a conversation with your salesperson. Let them know that size is the most important quality to you, but you also want something that sparkles with the brilliance that a diamond should. They will help ensure that you get the big diamond you want without sacrificing too much quality in the other 3 areas of your diamond's brilliance.


Couples think that the WHOLE engagement process has to be a surprise. Why is this myth untrue? Because we have couples come in together when they start their engagement ring shopping experience all the time. The engagement ring is something that will be worn by your future spouse every single day for the rest of their lives, why would anyone try to guess what he/she might like? We think it is safer to come in with your significant other - allowing them to be a part of the engagement purchasing process. What is more romantic than picking out a beautiful ring for your soon-to-be fiancé?

Gunderson's pro-tip: if you're still a sucker for sappy moments, we suggest that you tell your significant other that the ring is ordered and on its way. When the day/night of the proposal comes, they will be just as surprised as they would if they never knew you bought the ring. Also, you can ensure that you got the diamond your significant other always dreamt of.


Some customers come into our store a week before their planned proposal, hoping to walk out with their engagement ring that day. Why is this myth untrue? Because finding the right engagement ring takes time. In order to ensure that you get the perfect ring for yourself or your significant other, your jeweler needs to spend time with you. They need to learn what you're looking for, what your budget is, and what you want out of your ring in order to best assist you in finding the right ring.


No matter what your income is, you need to save a quarter of your salary for your engagement ring purchase to show your real love. Why is this myth untrue? Because this myth began a LONG time ago when diamonds were first being marketed heavily by De Beers. Now that the diamond industry is established, this number is no longer seen as hard truth.

Nowadays, we suggest that you buy whatever your budget can afford. Again, by going to a trusted jeweler, you will find a sales associates who will not attempt to upsell you. The sales associates at Gunderson's Jewelers are always willing to work within any budget their customers comes in with, whether that be $2,000 or $20,000.


The classic look of having a simple solitaire setting is the only way to go. Why is this myth untrue? Because fiancés aren’t a dime a dozen, so why would you want their engagement ring to be?  Allow the personality of the engagement ring to shine by incorporating well-placed diamonds or other gemstones into the engagement ring.  Look at other settings like 3-stone rings or halo settings.

There you go. You have your quick and easy tips to start your engagement ring shopping experience. You are now savvy enough that you won't fall for these fallacious myths.

Start your journey to find the right engagement ring or build your own.

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