How to Create Idyllic Custom Jewelry

Creating an idyllic custom jewelry piece might be easier than you think. Our trained team of gemologists, designers, and expert jewelers will assist you in creating the one-of-a-kind piece of your dreams.

Below is the four step process we use to help customers create a truly personal, sentimental custom jewelry piece.

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One-on-One ConsultationsCustom Jewelry Sketch


The perfect custom jewelry piece begins with a hands on consultation with one of our trained staff members. Whether you know exactly what you want, or just have a rough idea of what you're looking for, our staff is prepared to design the exact piece you envisioned. Expect to review photos, sketches, and actual pieces until you find the look that you are aspiring for. Our designers can develop basic sketches, as well as advise you on precious metals, stone quality, comfort, and trends.

Custom Jewelry Design ApprovalCAD of Custom Jewelry


Once you approve the sketch drawn by our designer, we will create computer-aided design (CAD) drawings and render it as a photo-realistic image. We want your custom made jewelry to be perfect, so we will alter the rendering until it meets your expectations. If we are providing a center stone for you, we will also have you select your favorite from a few different options.

Custom Jewelry 3D Wax Model

Wax Rendering of Custom Jewlery

Following your approval of the CAD representation, a three-dimensional wax model of your design will be made. This is an extremely accurate preview of the final product. At this stage of the custom jewelry design process we want to make sure the rendering is translating into the piece of jewelry of your dreams. This piece should mimic the precise vision that you had in mind at the beginning of the process.

Casting and Finishing Your Custom Made JewelryCasted Custom Jewelry


We carefully bring out the shine, texture and details in creating the metal version of the product. Our master gem setters artfully set each stone by hand, using extreme care to ensure quality. Before presenting you with the finished piece, we carefully carry out a detailed examination to ensure that every step of the process has yielded a design that will far exceed your expectations.

The Finished ProductFinal Custom Jewelry Piece


You receive a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of heirloom quality jewelry that will be enjoyed for generations to come. When you design your own jewelry with Gunderson's Jewelers, we keep you involved in the process. We want to make sure you are delighted with the final product, so we welcome your opinions and critiques throughout the custom jewelry design process.

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