Engagement Ring Statistics: An Infographic, Charts, and Fun Facts

You know you found the one. Now, you just need to make sure you find the one ring that suits her. The second part can sometimes be a confusing task, so we put together some engagement ring statistics and facts to help expedite your shopping experience. It's even wrapped up in a nice visual package for you.

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Engagement Ring Statistics: The Infographic

Engagement Ring Statistics Infographic

Engagement ring statistics: The Fun Facts

  • - The answer used to be "three months salary" when the question of how much to spend on an engagement ring was posed. However, research now shows that men typically spend about 3 weeks salary on an engagement ring or $5,598.
  • - As you can see, round cut and princess cut diamonds are the most popular diamond cut. What type of metal matches those brilliantly cut diamonds? White gold and platinum.
  • Wedding rings and engagement rings can be purchased as a set to ensure the best possible match when they are worn together. Sometimes, brides have their wedding and engagement rings soldered together after their ceremony.
  • - Financing options depend on the jewelry retailer. However, they often times can have interest rates as low as 0%.

Engagement Ring Statistics: The Charts

Selecting Engagement Ring (1)
Gemstone Preference

Engagement ring statistics: Even More Fun Facts

  • - The common misconception people have is that size means everything. However, a survey of men and women found that only 7% of people felt that diamond size was the most important factor in an engagement ring, with ring design being the most important at 42%.
  • - Results showed that attention to detail was more important other factors. This is apparent by the three most popular answers: ring design, diamond quality, and craftsmanship.
  • - Should be no surprise that diamonds are the most popular center stone for engagement rings, garnering 62% of total votes. However, colored gemstones are gaining popularity.

Engagement Ring Statistics: The Takeaway

You know you have the right partner, now go get the right ring.  The statistics are right in front of you. Find rings for him and rings for her, as well as diamonds at Gundersons.com.

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