11 Unique Proposal Stories

Whether you're already planning your dream proposal, or your far away from that being a reality. You'd be lying to yourself if you said you never fantasized about how or when your partner would pop the big question. One of the first questions people ask when they find out your engaged is, "How did he ask?" So we created a list of some real stories that should help get the creative juices flowing.

If you're planning a big proposal, let us know. See how we can help make your moment an unforgettable memory that lasts a lifetime.

1. Go On a Trip


"Jared and I have been together for almost six years now, so a proposal was a very long anticipated event for everyone we know. The past two years leading up to our engagement, I was asked at least weekly when Jared was going to pop the question, however he was very good at making sure that nobody figured out the surprise. Jared and I had not taken a trip together in a quite a while, so in December he suggested we go somewhere that I had never been; New York. Getting to New York was quite the adventure...nearly all of our flights were either cancelled or delayed, and we ended up going through security checkpoints 4 times because of all the cancellations (not an easy task for Jared with a ring in his pocket)! Jared reserved us a beautiful suite at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel overlooking central park in Columbus Circle; it was definitely worth the wait.

The day of our engagement was extremely relaxed. We had a late brunch, explored the MET, and afterwards sat at a coffee shop together, drinking hot chocolate and people watching for several hours. Around 5:00, Jared and I took a taxi to the skating rink at Rockefeller Center; myself having competitively figure skated for the majority of my life was extremely excited. We got on our skates, and hit the ice for about an hour until they called everyone off for the Zamboni. As I was skating to the exit, Jared grabbed my hand and asked to skate just one more lap. After our first last lap, Jared grabbed my hand a second time asking for yet another lap...I was very reluctant realizing that we were now the only two people left alone on the ice. It was after I realized this that the song, "Thank God I Got Her" started playing over the loud speaker, and I knew. Jared winked at me, got down on one knee in the middle of the rink, and asked me to spend forever with him. I said yes instantly and as we kissed, the Rockefeller Christmas tree started flashing all of its lights at once, and the nearly 500 people at Rockefeller Center that night started cheering. After the proposal, we were escorted off of the ice for champagne and photographs taken of us all around Manhattan.  Later that evening, we had an incredible dinner on the roof of the Mandarin Oriental, and to top it off, when we arrived back to our suite it was covered in hundreds of candles and rose petals, an extraordinary bouquet of several dozen roses, and of course…more champagne and dessert. This proposal was honestly like something straight out of a movie, and I am so exceptionally grateful to everyone who played a part to make it so perfect for us. Cheers to September 10, 2016, and the rest of our lives together as husband and wife!"

2. A Simple Surprise

Engagement Ring and Proposal

"Jordan and I went ring shopping together about 2 months before his proposal. I had an idea in mind but was open to looking at different styles as well. The experience we had at Gundersons was by far the best in town. After we left we knew we wanted to purchase this very special item at Gunderson's. The sales clerk was a pleasure to work with. He took his time to show us many different styles and even took down our names and emailed the styles to Jordan. So for 2 months I was waiting (maybe not so patiently) for Jordan to pop the question. On a random Monday afternoon he asked me if I was available to play at the park with his niece and nephew. With a long to do list at hand, I declined. But he was very persistent that I come. He bribed me, saying he would take me to dinner afterwards if I did. It worked. Later that evening, we arrive at the park and no kiddos are to be found. He says they are playing in the back by the fish pond. A little annoyed I follow him. As we approach the pond I can see pink balloons tied down the dock. I knew. Goosebumps creep up over my body as we walk down to the end of the dock. A heart of rose pedals and a bouquet of cupcakes greet us at the end. Jordan kneels down and declared his everlasting love. He asked if I would spend forever with him ton which I replied yes."

3. TV Proposal

Unique Proposal

"Like a lot of people, we get together with family on Super Bowl Sunday to watch the game and eat. So, there we were, enjoying the Harbaugh Bowl of 2013 with my family. We were taking in all the action in the game, rating the commercials, and finally getting ready for the halftime show. That’s when it happened. My boyfriend was on the TV! What was he doing? Next thing I knew he went from sitting next to me to down on one knee in front of me! I had no idea what was going on but had put it together that he was proposing and tearfully said “yes!”

Then I took a step back and asked what was going on. Kyle began to explain that KMEG had been advertising a “Super Proposal” contest all the way back in the fall which he had decided to enter. He then handed me the letter he submitted to the contest where he described how as a military member he’s often seen as a hero but to him, I’m a hero for being supportive of that military lifestyle, being left behind at home while the military member is overseas. He wanted to win this contest for us so that he could marry his hero.

Kyle then explained that the contest was about more than just the opportunity to propose on a commercial during the Super Bowl. He shows me the list of the sponsors for the contest and their prize donations to the winners which included the gorgeous bridal set he had just put on my finger from Gunderson’s. I was still trying to wrap my head around all of this when I realized he’d just proposed and all of the Siouxland area saw it happen. Meanwhile I was in so much shock I had no idea what he’d actually said in the proposal! Not to worry, thankfully there is DVR, and unknown to me, my dad had recorded the whole thing too!"

4. Start New Beginnings

Perfect Proposal

"On October 18th, 2012; Neal and I closed on our very first home together!  We had been searching since July and had even had one house not work out due to the inspection.  But we had finally found it.  Our new home.

It wasn't the easiest journey, especially for the more worrisome one, me.  I struggled going back and forth on how logical it was to be going into such a financial commitment with someone that I was not married to, yet!  I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Neal, yet it was still difficult to not have fears come to surface.  In my heart though, I knew this was right.  Ring, or no ring - this was going to be a magnificent step in our relationship!

So there we were.  The rainiest and coldest day of the fall thus far, signing the paperwork with our Realtor to close on the house.  I was making jokes about how it is raining on the day we close on our house so that means the same as if it rains on our wedding day, right? - Laughing at the thought that we were buying a house as two "single" parties.   I now realize why our realtor, nor Neal really laughed at my jokes.

Finally after signing a mound of paperwork they handed over to us the keys to our new home!  At this point, I didn't catch when our Realtor hugged Neal and said "hope everything goes great!".  Little did I know, she was in on this whole ordeal!

I had to get back to work for a lunch meeting; but since the closing didn't take that long; when Neal said "Let's go to the house!", I was all for it.  We ran through the rain to our separate vehicles and drove to our new home on Jackson Street.

Neal gave me the key to the house and snapped a picture as I opened the door for the first time (or so I thought was both of our first times!).  When I opened the door, I could see through the beautiful wood and glass porch door that someone had set up a roses and rose pedals leading from the door way to the opposite side of the livingroom, where under the bouquet of multicolored roses, sat a medium sized black box.  My first thought was "why did our realtor give us such a romantic gift?!"  and so I said, "Neal, what is this?!"  and in a leading tone of voice, Neal says "I don't know, what is it?  Go and see!"

Each step that I took closer to the flowers and box, rose pedals leading the way - my heart began to beat faster and faster.  I literally lived breathe by breathe - reveling in the fact that "this might be it!"  I saw that the black box had "Love" written on it and I allowed myself to finally believe it.  "This IS it!"  Neal was behind me the entire time.  It was like I was in a vortex - just staring at the box. "Well open it!", he said.  I opened the box and on the bottom of the lid was "Will you marry me?" and inside a black ring box.  Without a breathe, I turned around and there was Neal - on one knee, with the shining ring in his hand.  I had never seen Neal look so nervous before!  As I was already on my knees to look into the box - I crawled over to him and wrapped my arms around him.  Both of our hearts were beating out of our chests as if to grab the other's.  My hands were shaking and I was so disoriented with joy - I had no idea which hand was my left.  Neal finally had to grab it and slipped the ring on - of course I said - "OF COURSE!" and 'wow - this is really happening!'"

5. Destination Engagement

Destination proposal

"John and Anita met at a party through mutual friends while they were in college. Anita walked into the room and John was the only boy she did not know and man was he cute! They both got up the courage to talk to each other and ended up glued at the hip to one another the entire night. Neither one of them was looking for a serious relationship at the time, so it was a slow fall. John was an engineering student and Anita was a nursing student and they both worked long hour jobs in addition to full time schooling, but somehow they made it work to see each other as often as possible! The relationship did not become serious until the weekend that John took Anita home for Easter. On the car ride to Des Moines from school Anita got sick with the flu, and John took such good care of her. His entire family in Des Moines was so caring and understanding of her sickness and even though she felt like she had the plague she felt completely included and loved by his family. After that weekend the relationship continued to flourish and over Christmas break John’s family invited Anita on vacation with them to Cancun. On the second night in Cancun John and Anita were taking pictures of their siblings on the beach for “Christmas cards”. John suggested that him and Anita get a quick picture together while the sun was setting in the background. While Anita was quickly fixing her hair for a picture John got down on one knee and opened up a jewelry box with the most beautiful ring! Anita was blown away and started jumping up and down because she was so excited, and eventually said “Yes” as soon as she could speak. The wedding is set for May of 2015 and both John and Anita are thoroughly enjoying planning for a life together."

6. Ask in the Air

Wedding Photo

"The evening before March 24th 2012, Garrett told me that I would need to wake up early the next morning. This wasn’t a huge surprise as we usually enjoyed spending our Saturday mornings together biking and running on the Sioux Falls trails. However, I was slightly confused the next morning when Garrett informed me to dress warmer than usual. Luckily for Garrett, I love surprises, so asking lots of questions about our morning adventure wasn’t high on my priority list.

We ventured to the bottom of Tuthill Park. At first glance, I wondered if there was an event going on because there was quite a bit of activity out on the grass; I soon realized that people were setting up hot air balloons! This made me extremely excited because I have always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride. At this point, I had no idea Garrett was planning on proposing to me; I simply thought he was being his charming self and doing this for our dating anniversary which was the next day.

While up in the balloon, the cool air made me stand extra close to Garrett in order to conserve warmth. Little did I know, Garrett was nervous I would accidentally feel the ring box that was tucked away in his coat pocket and ruin the surprise. Fortunate for Garrett, I was too busy taking in the scenery and spotting landmarks from a birds-eye view to be concerned with anything else. Towards the end of the ride, Garrett asked me to take a look at a large house off in the distance. When I turned back, much to my surprise, he was down on one knee holding out a beautiful ring and asked me to marry him."

7. Following Your Heart

"Dan and Megan met on May 19, 2008 in Los Angeles, CA when they were both interning as project engineers for Rudolph & Sletten Construction on the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles project. Initially, Dan mistook Megan for a human resources intern and his first flirtatious words were regarding her Iowa State University vanity license plates. Towards the end of the internship summer, they both had developed serious feelings for one another and wondered what would come of it. Megan, a Sioux City native, was off to study abroad that fall in Rome, Italy and would graduate from Iowa State in December 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Engineering.

Dan, originally from Endicott, NY was to graduate from Purdue University that fall with a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management and had accepted a full time position with Rudolph & Sletten. However, due to the economy crash in 2009 Dan’s employment was revoked and he ended up back in Endicott, NY working for another contractor. Megan moved to Chicago following graduation from Iowa State in February 2010. Again due to the failing economy, they found themselves in a long distance relationship – seeing each other once a month throughout 2010.

In February 2011, Dan accepted a job outside of New York City in Norwalk, Connecticut. A few months later, Megan moved out east to be with Dan and worked for a company in New York City. At last, they were in the same location and could begin a life together! After a year on the East Coast, Dan and Megan were each offered fantastic positions in Los Angeles – the city they first met in, and were always hoping to get back to.

The couple moved to LA in March 2012 and have since been living happily ever after in the Sunshine State. Earlier this year, they began discussing marriage. Megan had her eye on her dream ring at Gunderson’s in Sioux City, where her family has been shopping for years. Breanne, a store employee who had helped Megan’s family in the store for years, just happened to own Megan’s exact dream ring. Dan picked up on this and contacted Breanne, who helped Dan pick out three diamonds. To help him make the final decision, Dan contacted Megan’s parents and asked them to stop into the store and pick out the diamond they liked the most.

This special moment for Dan and Megan’s families was one that Breanne made even more special. Once Dan received the ring in the mail, he couldn’t simply hold onto it. The engagement happened a Friday night after work at their apartment in LA where he completely shocked Megan. After he popped the question, the couple celebrated with dinner and dessert with Dan’s three brothers and sister in-law. They couldn’t be more thrilled and are planning a late September wedding in Sioux City, IA."

8. Create Some Fireworks

Unique Proposal

"Ryan and I decided to spend the 4th of July in Okoboji for the weekend like we have for the last 3 years. As our tradition holds, we had plans to go watch the fireworks at the Park. The fireworks started early due to a storm coming and it was starting to sprinkle, but we watched them outside anyway. It started raining a little harder and as I tried to get back in the pickup, Ryan was persistent that I stay outside until the grand finale. When he stopped me and I turned around, he was on one knee and popped the question. Of course, I said, “Yes!” and cried. The rain may have put a damper on his original plan but in my eyes, it was simply perfect!

After the fact, I found out Ryan did everything very traditional. He met my parents at my sister’s softball game to ask them permission and was extremely nervous. He had also met with Breanne, my old babysitter and Gunderson’s Vice President, at Gunderson’s and she had picked out rings for him to look at. After looking at the three she picked out, he knew which one was right for me. I had no idea this had even happened so the surprise of it all was better than anything. We couldn’t be happier to spend the rest of our lives together with a great memory!"

9. For the Religious Minded

Engagement Photo

"Bailee and I met at Morningside College so it was only fitting that I ask for forever from her there. Bailee has always loved singing in the college choir almost as she loves sharing her faith. On homecoming weekend last year, I may have told a little fib (told her I had to work on a Saturday out of town and would not be back) in order to set everything up and maybe get her a little upset with me. Well Sunday morning came around and there was a church service being held in the big auditorium on campus where the choir was also going to be performing. Naturally Bailee was going to attend. After every choir performance, the college choir invites alumni and current students to sing the Morningside Hymn in a giant circle. After the hymn is sung, the choir director chooses choir members to be in the center of the circle while the rest of the choir rushes them in a giant group hug with cheers. This time, the choir director (who I may have asked in advance) chose Bailee to step to the center to "represent all alumni." Having no clue what would happen, Bailee bounced to the center just happy to have just finished with worship and singing with her alumni choir. Before the rush, I emerged from behind a crowd of people who were gathered specifically to hide me. Bailee was completely surprised as she thought I was "working." I stepped in to the center and before God, our friends and family (who I also invited and were hiding with me), and her college choir, I told her just what she means to me now and forever. In the center of the choir circle on the campus we first met, an angel said yes when I asked if she would marry me. Thank you Gunderson's!"

10. Go For a Hike

Perfect Proposal"We went to Arches National Park in Utah, and we went on a few short hikes within the park. This one in particular was a little more difficult hike, in fact about half way through I even contemplated bailing out because the height and rocks were a bit scary. I really wanted to get to the top though so I kept going with Michael's reassurance. We finally made it to the top and it was beautiful, as you can see. He mentioned that we should have this random lady take our picture, which was nothing out of the norm because we always have people take our picture when we are out sightseeing. Then about that time he gets down on one knee while the random lady still had the camera so she was able to continue taking pictures while it happened. She had no idea what was up his sleeve nor did I. It was an amazing shock for everyone!! I couldn't have pictured anything more perfect!!! He did so good with the location AND the ring!!!!"

11. Find Your Happiness

"My fiancé Coltin and I have had a tough year and lots of obstacles. He races motocross and was involved in a life changing wreck, he broke his back and neck and was forced to give up his dream. He's been very down and in a lot of pain but we are getting through it. During his recovery we decided we wanted to buy a home together. I never thought he was considering looking at rings because of his accident and the up coming doctor bills and house payments. We moved into our new home Monday, August 1st. It was a long busy day and after we were finally done moving I walked into our bedroom to him on one knee (very hard for him to do with his injuries) and my favorite flowers. It took me completely by surprise and I couldn't imagine anything more perfect! (Besides my wedding day of course) it was the perfect end to a perfect yet stressful day and reminded us that it's just a rough patch, not a bad life!"

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