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  • 02 Dec 2016

    Jewelry Gifts for Men Under $750

    ornament-1 John Hardy Men's Jewelry

    Classic Chain Bracelets for a Classic Man

    You can't go wrong getting your man one of John Hardy's classic chain square link bracelets. Their simplicity helps maintain a look of masculinity for the wearer, but the silver still catches the eye of many.

    Price: $450.00



    ornament2 Modest Bracelet Jewelry Gifts

    Modest Bracelet for Him

    For a more down-to-earth man, station bracelets are a must have. They give him a perfect way to dress up for a night out while still keeping his chill persona alive.

    Price: $695.00



    ornament3 Jewelry Gifts by Tissot

    Jewelry Gifts by Tissot

    While some Tissot watches are over $750, we feel safe saying you should be able to find one suited for your man for less. You really can't go wrong getting a watch as one of your jewelry gifts. Most men, whether they admit it or not, need a good timepiece to accentuate the sophistication you know he possesses.

    Prices vary



    ornament4 Personalized Jewelry Gifts

    Personalized Jewelry Gifts

    You're not the only one that deserves something heartwarming this holiday season. Maps by A.JAFFE allows you to engrave any address in the world on a piece of jewelry using Google Maps. Then, you can let a diamond mark the moment and place that changed everything.

    Prices vary



    ornament5 Contemporary Bracelets

    Contemporary Chains

    For the modern man. The one who always chooses the road less traveled. The one who creates his own trends, and lets others follow.

    Price: $295.00



    ornament6 Jewelry Gifts by Seiko

    Jewelry Gifts by Seiko

    Seiko timepieces are timeless jewelry gifts. They're accurate, reliable, legible, and comfortable. They provide lovers of fine watches with the ultimate blend of functionality and aesthetic. If your man is worried about utility, get him a Seiko. He doesn't have to know it's also charming

    Prices vary



    ornament7 Chains for Every Man

    Chains for Every Man

    Help your man make a subtle statement by giving him chains as jewelry gifts. The key to wearing a chain well is modesty. The small amount that’s visible is enough to make a statement. Because the metal defines how the entire chain looks, avoid cheap alternatives and go for a quality gold, silver, or platinum.

    Prices starting $601.00



    ornament8 Seiko Coutura

    Seiko Coutura

    We told you Seiko makes excellent watches, now we'll tell you about one of their best. The Seiko Coutura Kinetic Retrograde is provocative in all the best ways. Its fine accenting might make you forget that this is an advanced kinetic timepiece with precise performance. Again, this watch provides utility and beauty.

    Price: $495.00



    ornament9 Rings Show Some Bling

    Ring to Show Some Bling

    A powerful ring for a powerful man. The black jade of this ring exemplifies strength, while the interior of the ring illustrates a slightly more artistic side. Perfect for a man that knows what he wants and has an acuity for style.

    Price: $495.00



    ornament10 Inlayed Diamond Cufflinks

    Inlayed Diamond Cufflinks

    What's refined than cufflinks on a man? How about cufflinks with inlayed diamonds. If your man is the type to go to elegant affairs, wear a tux to work, or just enjoys being fashionable, you can't go wrong with these 18K gold cufflinks. To top it off, they're at an unbeatable price.

    Price: $151.00

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  • 18 Nov 2016

    Best Jewelry Gifts for Women

    Heather B. Moore Personalized Jewelry Gifts

    Heather B. Moore Personalized Jewelry Gifts


    It's hard to beat a personalized gift for the loved ones in your life. It's harder to find jewelry that is more personalized than Heather B. Moore. All of their pieces are made-to-order and hand stamped in Cleveland, Ohio, making them truly one of a kind.

    Maps by A.JAFFE Jewelry Gifts

    Maps by A.JAFFE


    Select any address in the world, and let a diamond mark the moment and place that changed everything. Using Google Maps, Maps by A.JAFFE finds any spot in the world for you to reminisce with the person closest to you. Not only is this gift sentimental, but it's also stunning. Made with rose, white, yellow gold, or sterling silver and coming in a variety of styles, Maps by A.JAFFE is one of the best jewelry gifts out there.

    Jewelry Gifts by Charles Krypell

    Jewelry Gifts by Charles Krypell


    What better way to express your love than with Charles Krypell's "I Love You" bangle bracelets. These beautiful sterling silver bangle bracelets have a powerful but discreet message inscribed on the inside of each piece.

    Uneek Stackable Rings

    Uneek Stackable Rings


    For every style and timeless taste, give the woman in your life a ring that’s as unique as the hand that wears it. Start your stack this year and continue building with a new one every year. Each unique ring is different than the last jewelry gift.

    Diamond Earring Climbers

    Diamond Earring Climbers


    One of the trendiest jewelry gifts out right now are ear climbers. There's no better way to accessorize your ear. Ear climbers are perfect for showing off your creative side and giving that extra touch of stylish sparkle.

    MICHELE Cape Watches

    MICHELE CAPE Watches


    Silicone straps make the CAPE a playful, yet luxurious, watch for every day. Perfect for every type of person, you can't go wrong when trying to find the perfect gift. With interchangeable bands, you can customize each watch specifically for your loved one.

    Jewelry Gifts by Doves

    Jewelry Gifts by Doves


    Doves by Doron Paloma is synonymous with eye-catching and wearable heirloom-quality jewelry. Their trend-setting designs have garnered celebrity attention and worldwide press. Get the love of your life the jewelry with celebrity stature.

    Open Design Fashion Rings

    Open Design Fashion Rings


    For the more modern woman, open designed fashion rings are the perfect jewelry gift. You can find a wide variety of styles, each with their own unique features, to make sure it's suited for the one you love.

    Endless Jewelry by Jennifer Lopez

    Endless Jewelry Collection by Jennifer Lopez


    With more than 100 unique styles in the Jennifer Lopez collection, the possibilities of creating your own personal bracelet are endless. With the ability to add new charms at any time, this is the gift that keeps on giving. Each charm is unique in style and in composition, so they will never grow old.

    Diamond Necklaces

    Diamond Necklaces


    The most classic of all jewelry gifts, diamond necklaces. You can never go wrong with giving the gift of diamonds. Whether you put them in rose, white, or yellow gold, diamond jewelry is sure to be received well. The higher quality the diamond, the better the reaction.

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  • 11 Nov 2016

    Top Nine Men's Wedding Bands

    blog-1 Artcarved Men's Wedding Bands

    Comfort Fit, Two Tone Wedding Bands (6mm)

    Solidify your love with this symbolic 14k white and yellow gold wedding ring, showcasing a hammered inlay. Perfect for showing your rugged side.

    Price: $1,045.00

    Product Code: GJ-1233566

    blog-2 Two Tone Men's Wedding Bands

    Comfort Fit Wedding Bands with Satin Finish (6.5mm)

    Mix blush rose gold with milgrain accented round edges and you've created a gorgeous wedding band fitting for a man with a soft side.

    Price: $1,205.00

    Product Code: GJ-1267903


    blog-3 Diamond Channel Men's Wedding Bands

    Diamond Channel Wedding Bands

    This seven stone diamond, two-tone gold wedding band featuring a low-domed style is certain to stand out.

    Price: $1,239.00

    Product Code: GJ-1267128

    blog-4 Sleek Comfort Fit Wedding Bands

    14K Yellow Gold Men's Wedding Bands

    Sleek and crisp, this comfort fit wedding band is striking with its bright polished finish and round edges.

    Price: $1,255.00

    Product Code: GJ-1267097

    blog-5 Black Diamond Wedding Bands

    Black Diamond Men's Wedding Bands (1/4 ctw.)

    Stand out from the crowd. This classy sterling silver wedding band with yellow gold lining will draw second glances due to the eye-catching black diamonds.

    Price: $251.00

    Product Code: GJ-1214227

    blog-6 screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-11-54-06-am

    14K Gold Men's Wedding Band

    For the modern groom, this distinctly styled, two-tone gold wedding band features a vertical fine line finish and round edges to complete the look.

    Price: $755.00

    Product Code: GJ-1267631

    blog-7 screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-11-53-57-am

    Men's Wedding Bands with Link Pattern (7 mm)

    This wedding band features rope edging inside and a dome profile with round edges. Cement your everlasting love with this memorable 14K yellow gold wedding ring.

    Price: $1,285.00

    Product Code: GJ-1233657

    blog-8 screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-11-53-46-am

    Diana Men's Wedding Bands (7mm)

    Make your promise with this comfort fit wedding band. This traditional white gold ring with woven design and textured finish is one you'd be proud to wear daily.

    Price: $1,195.00

    Product Code: GJ-1270257

    blog-9 Tungsten Carbide Wedding Bands

    Tungsten Carbide Wedding Bands (8mm)

    Styled for a modern look, this tungsten carbide bevel edge comfort fit band features a wood inlay. The tungsten carbide provides a comfortable fit, while the wood inlay showcases rugged masculinity.

    Price: $405.00

    Product Code: GJ-1267092

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