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  • 13 Jan 2017

    Engagement Ring Etiquette: The Do's and Don'ts

    Engagements are a once in a lifetime (if you're lucky) moment. If you're like many others, you haven't thought out all of the nuanced details that go into such a momentous occasion. You have to plan the proposal, choose the setting, and read all the statistics. You also have to understand engagement ring etiquette.

    As another year begins, we bring updates on the most modern rules of engagement ring etiquette. From how to take your ring selfie for Instagram, to what you should do if you really hate the ring - we have put together all the rules you need to know to keep up with modern times.


    Keep scrolling to read all the newest rules about engagement ring etiquette.

    Engagement Ring Etiquette: No Need for Solitaire Rings

    The diamond solitaire ring is really the original engagement ring. However, it's not the only option anymore. More and more couples are starting to try different engagement ring styles, such as three stone rings and halo settings.

    You can explore a plethora of engagement ring settings, or you can set up a meeting at a jewelry store to create a one of a kind piece. Point is, you now have nearly limitless options and no longer have to only look at solitaire rings.


    Engagement Ring Etiquette: Be Honest about the Ring

    Let's say your suitor does all the right engagement ring research and gets some intel on your likes and dislikes, yet still purchases a ring that you absolutely deplore. Well, we're giving you a free pass to let your proposer know your true feelings. After all, this is the one accessory that you'll likely wear everyday for the rest of your life.

    With all that being said, there is a right and a wrong way to show your discontentedness. We suggest tactfully expressing your feelings, working together to re-design the ring, and learning to love the final product.


    Engagement Ring Etiquette: Help Pick the Ring

    If you want to avoid a conversation about whether you like your ring or not, it's completely acceptable to go shopping with the proposer. Tradition dictates that the proposer shops for the ring and surprises his or her lover with the ring as a gift, but in the modern age women may prefer to have some say in the style of the ring. You can go shopping together to suggest designers, send inspiration, point the proposer to your Pinterest board, etc. The proposer can still surprise you with the proposal, but at least you'll know that you are going to love the ring.


    Engagement Ring Etiquette: Split the Cost of the Ring

    While you're picking out the ring (if you decide to go that route), you can also pony up some money to help pay for it. Nowadays, the one proposing isn't supposed to support the full ring cost. The engagement ring can be considered as the first investment you make as a couple. In a practical world, there's nothing wrong with discussing finances to ensure less problems down the road. Again, the proposal itself can still be a surprise and be filled with romance.


    Engagement Ring Etiquette: Rethink Your Ring Selfie

    The moment has happened, and you finally have the ring you dreamed of. It's time to share it with the world. However, we have some engagement ring etiquette for when you're sharing your ring.

    You may want to zoom in on the ring, specifically the diamond, but that could make you come across as materialistic or needy. Instead of solely focusing on the gorgeous ring, focus on the moment as a whole. Don't put the ring in the background, but don't make the ring THE picture. Brides.com has more tips on how to take the perfect photo.


    Engagement Ring Etiquette: Wear the ring on your left hand

    It seems obvious, but not everyone knows the proper hand to wear their engagement ring. Modern etiquette hasn't changed the norm of wearing your engagement ring on the left hand. We advocate that the right hand remain open for rings that don't indicate any relationship affiliations. If you want to be open about your engagement (and keep your spouse happy), you must put your engagement ring on the ring finger of your left hand.


    Engagement Ring Etiquette: Put Your Wedding Band Closest to your heart

    Less obvious engagement ring etiquette is where to place your wedding band after the ceremony. The wedding band is to be placed closest to the heart, with the engagement ring on top of it. During the ceremony, there may be some confusion as to how to slide the wedding band onto the bride's finger. However, the couple can choose how to handle that at their own discretion. Some brides leave the engagement ring on their finger and switch the placement later. Others wear their engagement ring on their right hand and then move it to their left after the ceremony. Some solder their engagement ring and wedding bands together so the groom just has to slip on one ring during the ceremony.


    Check out some of our favorite engagement rings to get started on creating your everlasting moment.

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  • 06 Jan 2017

    Engagement Ring Statistics: An Infographic, Charts, and Fun Facts

    You know you found the one. Now, you just need to make sure you find the one ring that suits her. The second part can sometimes be a confusing task, so we put together some engagement ring statistics and facts to help expedite your shopping experience. It's even wrapped up in a nice visual package for you.

    You can also see our explanation of engagement ring settings, our diamond buying guide, and our favorite engagement rings.

    Engagement Ring Statistics: The Infographic

    Engagement Ring Statistics Infographic

    Engagement ring statistics: The Fun Facts

    • - The answer used to be "three months salary" when the question of how much to spend on an engagement ring was posed. However, research now shows that men typically spend about 3 weeks salary on an engagement ring or $5,598.
    • - As you can see, round cut and princess cut diamonds are the most popular diamond cut. What type of metal matches those brilliantly cut diamonds? White gold and platinum.
    • Wedding rings and engagement rings can be purchased as a set to ensure the best possible match when they are worn together. Sometimes, brides have their wedding and engagement rings soldered together after their ceremony.
    • - Financing options depend on the jewelry retailer. However, they often times can have interest rates as low as 0%.

    Engagement Ring Statistics: The Charts

    Selecting Engagement Ring (1)
    Gemstone Preference

    Engagement ring statistics: Even More Fun Facts

    • - The common misconception people have is that size means everything. However, a survey of men and women found that only 7% of people felt that diamond size was the most important factor in an engagement ring, with ring design being the most important at 42%.
    • - Results showed that attention to detail was more important other factors. This is apparent by the three most popular answers: ring design, diamond quality, and craftsmanship.
    • - Should be no surprise that diamonds are the most popular center stone for engagement rings, garnering 62% of total votes. However, colored gemstones are gaining popularity.

    Engagement Ring Statistics: The Takeaway

    You know you have the right partner, now go get the right ring.  The statistics are right in front of you. Find rings for him and rings for her, as well as diamonds at Gundersons.com.

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  • 30 Dec 2016

    Gunderson's Jewelers' Year in Review

    70 Years of Gunderson's Jewelers

    This year, Gunderson's celebrated 70 extraordinary years of being in the jewelry business. That's three generations of jewelers. Father to son to grandson. The founding principles George and Dee built Gunderson's on all those years ago - selection, quality, value, and integrity - continue to guide us today.

    Proud of our humble beginnings in watchmaking - a tradition we continue - and how far we have expanded our expertise in diamonds, natural colored diamonds, precious gems, spectacular jewelry and gifts. However, what it really comes down to is the people we work with. In our 70 years of business, we have met a lot of amazing people. From our customers to our employees to our partners in the industry, each and every one of them has had an impact on Gunderson's. During this 70th anniversary year, it feels appropriate to say it has truly been and honor and a privilege to be a part of so many unforgettable moment with exceptional people.

    We have experienced a lot of amazing things in our first 70 years, and we look forward to even more amazing things in the next 70. Let's take a look at all of the things that made our 70th year so memorable.

    $70,000 Dream Wedding contest

    During our 70th Anniversary year, we decided the best way to celebrate was to help one lucky couple have the wedding of their dreams. In May, the Gunderson's $70,000 Dream Wedding contest was launched.Dream Wedding Winners

    Couples were encouraged to enter the contest and participate in a variety of activities to earn points, such as sharing their engagement stories, sharing photos of their rings, taking selfies, and more.

    During the Dream Wedding contest, which ran from May 30th to July 30th, more than 2,900 contestants participated. On July 31st, a lucky bride to be was called by Vice President Breanne Demers. She said, "We waited to tally all the last minute likes and shares and then pulled one name out of all the eligible Dream Wedding participants entries."

    The Winners

    The winner of Gunderson's $70,000 Dream Wedding was Tia Nelson and her fiancé Anthony Harder.

    Nelson was nearly speechless and expressed many thanks to Breanne through tears of joy. She said, " I was in shock for the whole day. I called Anthony right away and told him to get home, then I called my mom and then his mom! I shared [Gunderson's] video of the phone call where I was freaking out on Facebook after telling all of them."

    Nelson said she really enjoyed participating in the contest, adding how much she appreciated all the help of her friends and family. "There were too many to count. I had friends of friends helping me."

    Demers said making that call was a lot of fun, adding, "We are thrilled to help make this awesome couple's wedding day all that they ever dreamed it could be. Celebrating love is what we do best at Gunderson's and to be able to help Anthony and Tia start their life together is exciting."

    The Dream Wedding prize package included: an engagement ring and weddings bands, a reception, a honeymoon in Maui, a wedding dress and a tuxedo, a photographer, a DJ, flowers, cakes, a limo rental, and cash!

    When asked how winning this contest has changed her wedding plans and the start of their lives together, Nelson replied, "It takes away the stress from planning. It's really awesome that we still get to pick everything out and having a budget in place already makes it really easy." She said of Gunderson's, "Breanne has been extremely helpful and answered any and all questions that we have. I will never shop at another jewelry store and will be sure to send anyone I know to Gunderson's. We can't thank Gunderson's enough for the gift of a lifetime."

    Proposal Stories

    While Tia and Anthony had arguably the best proposal story of the year, we still had many customers submit their own unforgettable moments.

    From proposals on mountain tops to proposals in parks. From proposals on trips to proposals in the comfort of homes. Our customers were always full of surprises and went above and beyond when deciding to make their life changing decisions. We were even lucky enough to see one of our own employees take the engagement plunge this year.

    Needless to say, engagements are a jewelers dream. Employees, over and over again, say that helping young couples find the perfect ring for such a beautiful moment. Our bridal package makes it easy for us to help these couples make their beautiful moment an unforgettable memory that lasts a lifetime.

    See a list of some of our favorite proposal stories from this year.

    Rebuilding Together Omaha

    Rebuilding Together Omaha hosted a fundraiser on September 29 at the Omaha Design Center. Featured speakers at the luncheon were Drew and Jonathan Scott, also known as "The Property Brothers" from their hit HGTV show about renovating fixer upper homes for people.

    Gunderson's donated a Rolex Ladies Datejust watch to Rebuilding Together Omaha, which was raffled off at the fundraiser. All of the fundraiser proceeds went to help support Rebuilding Together Omaha's efforts of serving low-income, elderly or permanently disabled homeowners in Douglas, Sarpy, and Pottawattamie Counties with no-cost home repairs and accessibility modifications.

    Rebuilding Together Omaha's goal is to allow low-income, senior, and disable citizens to age in place and to live in warmth, safety, and independence. We are proud to support the worth efforts of Rebuilding Together Omaha.

    Rebuilding Together Group Photo

    Keeping Time with The Beatles

    When Paul McCartney announced his May 2 concert date in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Gunderson's Jewelers knew exactly how to welcome him to the city. They presented the famous singer before his concert with a Maestro Raymond Weil Limited Edition Beatles watch and a personal note from Brian Gunderson.

    The Maestro Beatles Limited Edition features a mechanical self-winding movement housed in a 39.5mm polished steel case. The 13 Beatles' album titles are written all around the bespoke dial, with a special "Help" index at 4 o'clock with recalls the cover of the iconic album released in 1965. The silver galvanic dial matches the polished steel bracelet. It features the official Beatles logo and a date window at 3 o'clock. Finally, the case-back presents a smoke sapphire crystal that carries the official Beatles logo and the limited edition number engraved. This unique timepiece paying tribute to the legendary band is limited to 3,000 pieces.

    Letter from Paul McCartney

    Custom Designs - A Celebration of You

    As jewelers, we love the opportunity to work with customers on custom designs. It's a truly unique experience incorporating customers' vision, ideas, and purpose. From complete restoration to repurposing old jewelry to creating something new and spectacular, we approach each custom design with innovative expertise, devotion to detail and a commitment to making stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry the truly celebrate the customer. Here's two of our favorite custom designs of the year.

    Together Forever

    "Together Forever" PictureA widow brought us her late husband's wedding band along with her matching band, asking us to help her create a piece that brought them together. We suggested this pendant design that enabled them to keep the look of the wedding bands as they have always been. We cut off the bottom shanks on both rings and attached them to the disc pendant. She loved it!


    Turning the Old Into New

    Our client came in with her grandmother's rings which she inherited. She wanted to create two new rings incorporating her grandmother's stones in a more contemporary setting. She Old Turned New Photochallenged us to keep the integrity of the original look in both rings, but with a more modern flair. Also, we had to use all of her grandmother's original gems. She loved both of the designs we crafted for her! Challenge accepted and completed.


    Gunderson's Jewelers Events

    Some events are annual, some were bestowed upon us, and some we were trying for the first time. But every event this year had one thing in common, they were unforgettable.

    John Hardy Event

    Gunderson's Jewelers was lucky enough to host another John Hardy Event. This year, we were only one of ten jewelers to be able to host the event in North America. Not only that, but we were able to take this unique event to each of our three locations.

    Attendees were able to meet some of John Hardy's Balinese artisans who demonstrated their intricate jewelry making process. Also, we flew in John Hardy's very exclusive Cinta Collection, which was available for purchase to all of our invited guests.

    Events like these are always memorable for our customers, as well as for us. Again this year, it was a joy to be able to share this very personal, memorable moments with our valued customers.

    John Hardy Event 2016

    Whiskey and Watches Event

    For the first year, Gunderson's Jewelers held our "Whiskey and Watches" event. Invited guests were able to browse an assortment of fine watches, as well as sample finely distilled whiskeys. Additionally, guests were offered special pricing and a free bottle of whiskey with purchase the night of the event.

    This new event gave us a chance to give our loyal customers a very elegant night out.

    Whiskey and Watches Live Shots

    Gunderson's Jewelers Annual Holiday Party

    As a surprise to know one, we held our annual Holiday Parties again in 2016. As expected, we hosted an exclusive evening consisting of live music, hors d'oeuvres, wine and other refreshments, and browsing the very latest jewelry designs and gifts.

    The Holiday Party has become an annual staple of Gunderson's Jewelers because it gives us a chance to help our customers find the perfect piece of exquisite jewelry in time for the holidays. It also gives us a chance to enjoy another sophisticated outing with our Gunderson's family, which encompasses both employees and customers.

    To 70 More...

    As our 70th year anniversary draws to an end, we reminisce on how far we've come in our expertise in diamonds, natural colored diamonds, precious gems, spectacular jewelry, and fine gifts. However, we also reminisce on how we've simply built upon 70 extraordinary years of tradition. A tradition that continues to instill the founding principles of George and Dee Gunderson's - selection, quality, value, and integrity.

    This year, like the 69 years before, we have been honored enough to be a part of so many of our cherished customers memories. We have experienced amazing things in our history, some of the most amazing of those moments happening in 2016. However, we look forward to making each new year better than the last.

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