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  • 20 Jul 2017

    Most Popular Diamond Engagement Rings According to Instagram

    Whether you are in the market for an engagement ring or just swooning over their elegant intricacy, it is hard to resist double tapping on a photo of a luxurious diamond. So, we decided to scour through our own Instagram feed to find the 10 diamond engagement rings that our followers double tapped the most.


    10. Rose Gold Art-Deco Halo




    Two highly sought after styles combine, rose gold and art-deco. So, it comes as no surprise that this beauty is one of our most liked engagement rings on Instagram.


    9. Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring




    This uniquely shaped diamond drew a lot of attention from our followers. You won't often find such elegantly shimmering pear shaped diamonds on your feed.


    8. Round Diamond Halo Engagement Ring




    Round diamond halos are some of the most popular styles being bought by brides across the world right now. This specific ring stares right back into your eyes, making one pause and double tap as they quickly scroll on their phone.


    7. Round Diamond Halo Engagement Ring, Pt. 2




    You thought we were kidding when we said round diamond halos were popular? We were not. That makes two in our top 10 most popular engagement rings.


    6. Unique Squared Halo Design




    A mixture of the unique setting of this ring and the fact that we captured it on video likely led to this ring being one of our most popular on Instagram. The music probably did not hurt either.


    5. Split-Shank Diamond Halo Engagement Ring




    Uneek Fine Jewelry proves how they got their namesake with this truly unique spit-shank setting.


    4. Art-deco Inspired Oval Engagement Ring




    Our friends at Uneek Fine Jewelry make the list again with another exquisite design. The beauty of this oval diamond radiates thanks to the art-deco inspired setting it is surrounded by. We are not surprised our Instagram followers were swooning over this ring.


    3. Princess Cut Engagement Ring




    While round center halos are the most popular setting right now, princess cut diamonds are on the rise (refer to Engagement Ring Search Trends According to Google). This princess cut is the cream of the crop, and our Instagram followers showed it.


    1b. Three-stone Halo Engagement Ring




    Noticing a trend? Uneek Fine Jewelry makes some POPULAR rings. This time, our followers showed an affinity for a bold oval cut diamond with a halo and two side-stones. This ring has a lot going on, so we are not surprised it tied for our most popular engagement ring. The background probably did not hurt either.


    1a. Oval Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring




    It is not a fun Top 10 list unless there is a little controversy. This oval cut diamond surrounded by a thin diamond halo rests as gently at number one as it does on these delicate flowers. However, it the ring itself is also as delicate as the flowers it rests upon. There is no surprise that this engagement ring is tied for our most popular on Instagram.


    As with any list, there is room for debate. Do you agree with this list? Which of the top 2 most popular engagement ring on our Instagram feed do you think should be number one?
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  • 07 Jul 2017

    6 Tips for Newly Engaged Couple

    You just got engaged! Let us be the first to congratulate you and your future spouse! Now, you are scouring the internet to try to figure out what you are supposed to do next.

    Here are our top 6 tips that will help you successfully navigate this exciting time in your life. We are experts in the entire engagement process - helping our customers even after their proposal is over.



    Wait until you have personally told everyone close to you and your fiancé before you go showing off your new ring to your entire social following. We suggest making calls in the following order: 1) both of your parents, 2) any siblings either of you may have, 3) grandparents and best friends, and 4) any of your other close friends that you feel should hear about it straight from you. After that, we give you permission to post your engagement ring selfie on Instagram.

    Be prepared for plenty of questions during the phone calls after you're engaged. Here are some tips on how to handle them. 

    • Question: When is the wedding?!
      Possible answer: We're thinking of a summer wedding or We want to wait a year to get all of our affairs in order.
    • Question: How did he/she ask?!
      Possible answer: You're going to want to take this opportunity to fine tune your story - you'll be telling it many times. Try to make it as sappy and succinct as you can.



    If your fiancé proposed with a Gunderson's engagement ring, we are sure that it is worth getting insured. You do not want one of your biggest - and more important - purchases to be uninsured. You can add it to your current homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. Don’t have insurance? Now is the time to take that step.



    Get an idea of the size of your wedding by making a first draft of the guest list. Next, discuss and set your budget. These two factors are the foundation and determine the type of wedding you choose to have. We suggest allocating 48% of your budget to your reception, 12% to the photographer, 10% to entertainment,10% to the rings, 8% to flowers, 2% to gifts, 2% to invitations, 3% to the ceremony, 3% to the dress/tux,  and 2% to transportation.



    We know you’re excited that you're engaged and want to share your joy with all of your friends and followers. But holding back on how much you post about your wedding plans can actually make your life easier. It will reduce the unsolicited advice, number of questions, hurt feelings and self-invited guests.



    • Gunderson's Bridal Package: Our extensive bridal package includes a free wedding planner with tips to every detail that goes into planning your idyllic wedding.
    • Websites and applications: For the bride that doesn't know where to begin, The Knot and Wedding Wire can be invaluable resources. You can find the perfect venue, dress, photographers, and so much more.



    With all of that said, make time to date each other and keep the romance alive. Set aside date nights where you focus only on each other and not the wedding. Wedding planning can be very stressful. Take a deep breath and remember that the commitment is much more important than the wedding. This is a time to build your relationship up — not let the stress tear it down.

    Most of all, don’t forget to have fun! It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of wedding planning after you become engaged. But keep in mind that this is a magical time in your relationship. So take the time to pause and enjoy it along the way.

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  • 23 Jun 2017

    Our 8 Favorite Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings

    Vintage is back! Many brides are now looking into the past to find inspiration for their engagement rings. At Gunderson's Jewelers, we also love vintage-inspired rings. So, we've made a list of our eight favorite vintage rings. We're covering everything from the timeless art-deco styles to the trendy rose gold.

    blog-1 Diamond Engagement Ring with Ribbon Twist Band

    Diamond Engagement Ring with Ribbon Twist Band

    This finely crafted diamond prong set ribbon twist band with milgrain looks lovely as it accentuates the center stone. It exemplifies the classic look of art-deco with its perfect symmetry.

    Price: $1,305.00
    Setting only

    Product Code: GJ-1236566


    blog-2 Diamond Engagement Ring with Milgrain Detailed Center

    Diamond Engagement Ring with Milgrain Detailed Center

    It can't get much more vintage than this detailed halo setting surrounding the center stone of your choice.

    Price: $1,785
    Setting Only

    Product Code: GJ-1267926

    blog-3 Vintage Halo with Floral Inspired Band

    Vintage Halo with Floral Inspired Band

    This whimsically styled engagement ring sparkles with its filigree and diamond halo, as well as its floral-inspired band.

    Price: $1,169.00
    Setting only

    Product Code: GJ-1267480

    blog-4 Double Halo Engagement Ring

    Double Halo Engagement Ring

    This quintessentially vintage double halo setting is waiting for another vintage addition: the emerald cut diamond.

    Price: $2,225.00
    Setting only

    Product Code: GJ-1403760

    blog-5 Diamond Cushion Halo Engagement Ring

    Diamond Cushion Halo Engagement Ring

    Vintage-inspired diamond cushion halo engagement ring with a cluster of 3 side accent stones and carved detail in a satin finish.

    Price: $1,595.00
    Setting only

    Product Code: GJ-1233592

    blog-6 Three Stone Halo Engagement Ring

    Three Stone Halo Engagement Ring

    Vintage-inspired 3 stone diamond halo engagement ring with hand engraved milgrain detail and diamond prong set shank.

    Price: $2,999.00
    Setting only

    Product Code: GJ-1233588

    blog-7 Art Deco Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

    Art Deco Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

    Diamond engagement ring featuring a diamond halo, claw prongs, and open shank design with milgrain.

    Price: $2,185.00
    Setting only

    Product Code: GJ-1403736

    blog-8 Round Diamond with Cushion-Shaped Halo Engagement Ring

    Round Diamond with Cushion-Shaped Halo Engagement Ring

    Vintage-inspired designs meet modern trends with this simple rose gold cushion-shaped halo. Designed by Benjamin Jahaveri.

    Price: Call for Price
    Setting Only

    Product Code: LVS898R-6.5RD

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