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  • 14 Aug 2017

    One Ring To Rule Them All

    We’re going to talk Lord of the Rings today ladies and gentlemen.


    Raise your hand up in the air if you love Lord of the Rings!


    Now, I know you are asking yourself, “Why is this person talking about Lord of the Rings on Gunderson’s blog?” Well, keep reading and you will find out.



    For those of you who do not know, The Lord of the Rings is a STORY that revolves around Frodo Baggins, a hobbit, taking a RING to be destroyed from Dark Lord Sauron. That is the extremely water-down plot.

    So, let’s break this down. A STORY revolving around a RING created one of the best selling novels ever written. Yes, a piece of jewelry.



    My point (and the point of this entire blog) is stories and jewelry go hand in hand. Just as Bilbo Baggins passed down the ring to Frodo, jewelry can be passed down from generation to generation along with the stories they hold.  Jewelry holds the power to connect across the barriers of time.

    Jewelry allows individuals an artistic way to share their story. One brand that truly embodies the art of story telling through jewelry is Heather B. Moore. Heather B. Moore creates customize charms, bracelets, and necklaces to represent your story. By using freehand techniques, Heather B. Moore can replicate a child’s drawing, a signature, a fingerprint, or anything you can imagine. These allow you to create conversations and stories that you can pass along to your children or grandchildren.



    Gunderson’s Vice-President, Breanne, customized her Heather B. Moore necklace to represent her greatest loves in the world: her daughter, Harlow and her three pets.

    Gunderson's Vice-President, Breanne Demers, customized Heather B. Moore necklace.

    Breanne explained the story behind her charms, “I got my daughter’s actual footprints stamped onto a charm with her name, date of birth, height, and weight. She was born in April, so I added her birthstone. I count my three pets as my “adopted kids,” so I put a dog bone with Rosko’s name. For my two cats, I had a charm with a paw print and their two names printed on the back.”

    The meaning behind each of Breanne's charms.

    Breanne's charm dedicated to her daughter, Harlow.

    Birthstone charm.

    Breanne's charm for her two cats, Ebony and Ivory.

    The charm for Breanne's dog, Rosko.

    You can start telling your story with Gunderson’s and Heather B. Moore. To begin, simply choose a chain and one or two charms that fit you. These can be customized anyway you desire. As your story continuously changes, you can easily add charms to represent the different chapters in your life.

    We would love to hear how you would create your Heather B. Moore bracelet or necklace, comment below with your story!


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  • 03 Aug 2017

    I Want My Wedding To Be Featured In Vogue

    “I want my wedding to be featured in Vogue and my work in the New York Times.”


    These are the words written across my social media accounts and just so happen to describe me perfectly. Fashion is my obsession, coffee is my addiction, and reading is my love.


    Hello, my name is Elizabeth “Liz” Price and I am Gunderson’s new Social Media Strategist. In simple terms, I create content based on Gunderson’s jewelry, watches, and gifts. My job combines a girl’s two favorite things: diamonds and social media.


    To get to know each other better, here are four facts about me, and my three favorite things about Gunderson’s.



    Four Facts About Me

    1.) I went bowling in the White House once. (Yes, the White House holds a bowling alley in the basement.


    2.) Authentic Mexican food will be served at my wedding because it is my favorite type food.


    3.) Instagram is my weakness.


    4.) One day I will get married in either a Marchesa, Reem Acra, or Zuhair Murad dress.



    My Three Favorite Things About Gunderson’s


    1.)  The People: The individuals who work at Gunderson’s are incredibly talented. They are willing to help their customers in any way they can and will find or fix anything you need.


    2.) I Learn So Much From These Talented Individuals. The jewelers and sales associates know their diamonds. They are constantly teaching me new information. Life tip: a good jeweler can be compared to a good lawyer, both can be life saving.


    3.) The Jewelry: Gunderson’s jewelry will make you feel like queen. Buy one, or five, of their rings and you will feel like Beyoncé or Princess Kate.




    I would love to hear more about you. What are some facts about you or your favorite memories with Gunderson’s?

    Leave a comment below!

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  • 20 Jul 2017

    Most Popular Diamond Engagement Rings According to Instagram

    Whether you are in the market for an engagement ring or just swooning over their elegant intricacy, it is hard to resist double tapping on a photo of a luxurious diamond. So, we decided to scour through our own Instagram feed to find the 10 diamond engagement rings that our followers double tapped the most.


    10. Rose Gold Art-Deco Halo




    Two highly sought after styles combine, rose gold and art-deco. So, it comes as no surprise that this beauty is one of our most liked engagement rings on Instagram.


    9. Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring




    This uniquely shaped diamond drew a lot of attention from our followers. You won't often find such elegantly shimmering pear shaped diamonds on your feed.


    8. Round Diamond Halo Engagement Ring




    Round diamond halos are some of the most popular styles being bought by brides across the world right now. This specific ring stares right back into your eyes, making one pause and double tap as they quickly scroll on their phone.


    7. Round Diamond Halo Engagement Ring, Pt. 2




    You thought we were kidding when we said round diamond halos were popular? We were not. That makes two in our top 10 most popular engagement rings.


    6. Unique Squared Halo Design




    A mixture of the unique setting of this ring and the fact that we captured it on video likely led to this ring being one of our most popular on Instagram. The music probably did not hurt either.


    5. Split-Shank Diamond Halo Engagement Ring




    Uneek Fine Jewelry proves how they got their namesake with this truly unique spit-shank setting.


    4. Art-deco Inspired Oval Engagement Ring




    Our friends at Uneek Fine Jewelry make the list again with another exquisite design. The beauty of this oval diamond radiates thanks to the art-deco inspired setting it is surrounded by. We are not surprised our Instagram followers were swooning over this ring.


    3. Princess Cut Engagement Ring




    While round center halos are the most popular setting right now, princess cut diamonds are on the rise (refer to Engagement Ring Search Trends According to Google). This princess cut is the cream of the crop, and our Instagram followers showed it.


    1b. Three-stone Halo Engagement Ring




    Noticing a trend? Uneek Fine Jewelry makes some POPULAR rings. This time, our followers showed an affinity for a bold oval cut diamond with a halo and two side-stones. This ring has a lot going on, so we are not surprised it tied for our most popular engagement ring. The background probably did not hurt either.


    1a. Oval Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring




    It is not a fun Top 10 list unless there is a little controversy. This oval cut diamond surrounded by a thin diamond halo rests as gently at number one as it does on these delicate flowers. However, it the ring itself is also as delicate as the flowers it rests upon. There is no surprise that this engagement ring is tied for our most popular on Instagram.


    As with any list, there is room for debate. Do you agree with this list? Which of the top 2 most popular engagement ring on our Instagram feed do you think should be number one?
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