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  • 03 Apr 2017

    Our Favorite Mother's Day Gift Ideas


    For the chic mom: MICHELE Watch


    MICHELE watches are stylish, sophisticated, and youthful. Wherever your mother goes, she'll shine with style charm, and a bold feminity.


    For the sentimental mom: Maps by A.JAFFE


    Maps by A.JAFFE allows you to mark any spot in the world with a diamond. Using Google Maps, you can pinpoint the place your mother gave you life, the place she taught you how to face your fears, or the place you called home. Once you pinpoint the place that is closest to you and your mother, you can mark it forever with a diamond.


    For the classic mom: Forevermark Diamonds


    You can't go wrong with the classic gift of diamonds for the classic mom. And if you want to get the most exquisite diamonds for your mother, look no further than Forevermark. These diamonds are responsibly sourced, beautiful, and rare. Forevermark only chooses the highest quality diamonds for their customers, just like your mom deserves the highest quality gift from her kids.


    For the sporty mom: Argent Sports Jewelry


    Argent Sports lets the sporty moms of the world show their team pride in elegant style. With diamond, pearl,
    and 14k gold pieces, cheering on her team becomes a classy event. These fine jewelry pieces are available for University of Nebraska, Creighton University, and North Dakota State University.


    For the socially conscious mom: John Hardy


    If your mom is worried about the future of the environment, if she lives for sustainability, if she appreciates local artisanship, then she'll fall in love with John Hardy's lines. Their promise to plant bamboo seedlings for every purchased product from their bamboo lines, and their commitment to growing the community of Bali by hiring local Balinese artists makes them one of the most socially responsible jewelers available. Plus, their pieces are absolutely stunning.


    For the cooking mom: Nambé Kitchenware


    Gift your mother with the finest kitchenware. Nambé has won countless awards for more than 60 years for their serveware and barware. Let's face it, some of your mother's may still be using their kitchenware they received as a wedding gift, and they would surely love a modern updgrade.


    For the earthy mom: Heather B. Moore Jewelry


    This gift is the perfect for the mother's who have an earthy side. Heather B. Moore's natural gemstones and handstamped messages scream authenticity and rawness. They are even more perfect for mother's day, because you can right a personal message to your mother and have Heather B. Moore's team stamp that exact message onto your mother's piece. This line proves to be a nice balance of luxury and personalized.


    For the sophisticated mom: Doves by Doron Paloma


    In the past several years, Doves by Doron Paloma's trend-setting designs have garnered celebrity attention and worldwide press. Doron has made exclusive designs for First Lady Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez, and Catherine Zeta-Jones, among others. This makes Doves one of the perfect mother's day gifts for the mom who wants to look as sophisticated as she feels.


    For the jewelry enthusiast mom: Jewelry Boxes by Wolf


    If your mother is all of the things we've already covered, and she just needs a place to organize all of her jewelry, then we'd put her in our "jewelry enthusiast" category. Whether she needs a large jewelry box, or she's on the go and needs a small travel kit, Wolf's provides what she needs. This mother's day gift serves as both a utility and a fashion look.

    If you don't think your mom fits any of these molds, you can still find more Mother's Day gift ideas at:

    Gifts Under $1000

    Gifts Under $500

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  • 03 Apr 2017

    8 Tips for Taking the Right Instagram Engagement Ring Selfie

    You had the perfect day, with the perfect new fiancé. Now you need to take the perfect engagement ring selfie to show off to all your loyal followers. Below, we've got the right tips to make sure your social media announcement completes the trifecta of perfection.


    1. The ring is the focal point

    Your followers love you, and they want to hear all about your proposal went. However, this is the time to focus on your ring. After all, this is an ENGAGEMENT RING selfie. Put your ring front and center to make sure that people stop and stare as they scroll through their timelines. If you get your ring to pop enough, you can be sure your followers will give you a double tap.


    2. Lighting is key

    If you're not outside, set up your shot near a window for some natural light. If you take an iPhone photo in a dimly lit room, you're pretty much guaranteed a blurry photo. Flourescents and yellow bulb lights aren't much better. Trust us–you want natural sunlight. Whether you're inside or out, watch out for tricky shadows.


    3. Include your new fiancé

    Most likely, they're the one that dropped the coin to get you the precious rock, so don't leave them out the engagement ring selfie. You can add your lovely fiancé to the picture while still following Tip #1 by having them stand in the background and keeping the main focus on your new ring. Involving your brand new fiancé also tells a deeper complete story.


    4. Take a ton of photos, but only use one

    Skip the busy collages and stick to your favorite photo. Who knows? This picture might end up being your official announcement.


    5. Take it for a trip

    Unleash your inner photo stylist. Find an Instagram-worthy skyline, beach, or terrain to serve as the backdrop of your ring selfie.


    6. Choose an elegant background

    If you can't make a trip, you can still make sure the background emphasizes your ring. Most girls like to use feminine details, like flowers. Stay away from cluttered backgrounds. Try to use his hand as a background if you can, there’s nothing more romantic.

    Please don’t use your bathroom. Mirror selfies are anything but great.


    7. Edit your photo before you post it

    Use an editing app like Photoshop Express, VSCO Cam, or Afterlight. These apps make it easy to experiment with cropping, contrast, saturation and sharpness to get the very best from your digital photo.

    8. SHARE IT!

    If ever there were a time to be sentimental, it's now. Write the caption about marrying your best friend, get creative with the emojis and tag the location of your proposal to share on social media. (Don't forget to tag @gundersonsjewelers and hashtag #ohmygundersons too.)

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  • 27 Mar 2017

    Best Graduation Gifts for Your Graduate


    Rolex Luxury Watches


    We'd be remiss if we didn't start off by mentioning the mother of all graduation gifts, the Rolex watch. An item to be aspired for in a lifetime. A gift that showcases your graduate is truly ready to take on the world. An accessory that proves they have crossed the threshold.

    Don't worry about finding the right one for your graduate. Our variety of luxurious Rolex watches ensures that there is a watch for every type of person. From our classic Day-Date 40 to our more intricate Yacht-Master II, you'll be confident that your graduate will be ecstatic upon opening their gift.


    Diamond Earrings


    Your graduate is now an adult. They're ready to conquer the world. One way to help them start their next chapter with elegance and class is to give them exquisite diamond earrings. Diamond earrings serve as one of the most versatile graduation gifts. They help your graduate earn respect in the boardroom, look professional at dinner parties, and exude grace amongst their peers.


    Maps by A.Jaffe


    Use a diamond to mark the place that is special to your graduate. Where she's going to go next. Where he learned everything to help him succeed. Where you raised them. Simply visit a Gunderson's store, locate your unforgettable place using Google Maps, and choose the spot you'd like us to help you mark with a diamond. A perfect personalized graduation gift.


    Finest Personalized Jewelry


    Speaking of personalized graduation gifts, we present Heather B. Moore's finest personalized collection. These pieces are fully customizable; from the shape, to the type of gold, to the message you want engraved. Your handwriting can become the quote that you want your graduate to take with them for a lifetime. Handmade in Cleveland, Ohio, you can trust that these luxurious personalized pieces are also made with a fine personal touch. Explore the possibilities.


    Exquisite Watches


    Again, watches are the quintessential graduation gift. However, if you don't think Rolex's are your graduate's style, there are plenty of other luxurious watches to help celebrate their success. Take a look at watches by Raymond Weil, Tissot, or even MICHELE if you need a more feminine style.

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